[PC/NA] (JUST WIPED) The Cursed Sands 18+ <Dark RP. discord.gg/cursed-sands>

The Cursed Sands 18+ <Dark RP. discord.gg/cursed-sands>

We’re one of the oldest and biggest Conan Exiles RP servers, with more than 2,800 players in our community. We use original RE Howard lore, along with Conan RPG, Lovecraft, and a small amount of Marvel Conan lore to tell amazing immersive stories. We do allow supernatural characters with an approved application

ERP? We are RP focused and, being set in Hyborian/Conan lore, ■■■ is a significant part of the stories we tell.

Age Restrictions: 18+
Location of Server: NA/US EST/Quebec

Max capacity of server: 70

Text RP

Server Settings
XP rate: x10 to get you to level 60 faster
Gathering Rate: x10
Day/Night Ratio: 50/50
Hunger/Thirst settings: .1
Drop Equipment on Death: No
God Avatars Enabled: No
Containers Ignore Ownership: No
The Purge Activated: No

Peak Play Times: Evening US EST, with an all-day EU and AUS player base.

Mods List:
Exiles Extreme
Exiles Extreme Feat Blocker
Thrall wars decorations
Thrall wars Dungeon
Improved Quality of Life
Mostly Sunny
Unlock plus (With Pickup)
Roleplay Asthetics
Cursed Sands Mod

Server Lore: RE Howard - We use the Conan Lore Archive for our base lore with a custom supernatural lore written by our players

Server Ruleset: We have a thorough, balanced, and fair rule set that details PVP (consent-based), Building (250 building pieces and 75 placeables per clan member, and bonuses are possible), and Community standards (we’re very low-sodium now, except in designated channels where players are allowed to opt-in and be mean to each other).