[PC] [NA] [Official Conflict] dERKETO Recruiting

Greetings Friends!

We are dERKETO; a clan located on server 1822 (Conflict). We currently have 6 active members and are looking for a few more to join us.

We have:

  • All end game gear.

  • A city in the north waiting for you to claim a plot of land for your new house.
    (We will help you gather mats for everything)

  • Daily PvP (We have a test arena for organized pvp and plan on building it up to a tier 3 soon; it will offer prizes for winners).

Who we are:

  • A group of dedicated players who love Conan Exiles

  • Friendly

  • Team Oriented

  • Love to build Sh**t

We are looking for any and all who love pvp, building and meeting new people. This is a mature clan so no kids please (this post is cleaner than we are). Hit us up anytime on our discord (also slowly becoming server discord) or message me here and see what we’re about! Again Conflict Server 1822!

Discord: https://discord.gg/EqEenhU

hey man this looks dope! I sent you a PM on discord man hmu.

Gocha bro, I’ll hit ya up soon!

We are still recruiting, 2 spots left! We have added:

  1. T3 Outposts throughout the map for easier resource gathering.

  2. Have begun upgrading the arena for organized PvP. (We still PvP outside of the arena, this is just for extra fun).

  3. Random:
    -Added Silent Legion to all thralls (T4 thralls)
    -Added several more city structures.
    -Expanded our City walls.

Thanks all for reading, hit us up!!