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Server Events: I have a hundred Ideas for different mini games, pvp events etc.
Castle siege event. (pvp event)
The War for Steel. (pvp event)
Brew fest. (pvp event)
Scavenger hunts and clue hunts.

Each with rewards.

This is a mini pvp server event that can be set up very easily with very little prep. Basically you have two basses near New Asagarth with a box at each base to be filled with steel. The two opposing teams fight for control over New Asagarth in order to collect a set amount of steel (amount depends on how long you want to battle). The first team to fill their chest must now take control of the warhorn (in a central location) and sound it 3 times to win the match. NPC health/hit and respawn rate is increased for the event. I think that a minimum of 3v3 and a max of 6v6 is sufficient to make for some good pvp.

Corpses need to be “Backpack” lootable without the fallen loosing gear. This way those that are slain on the battle field do not just respawn and stuff their box. Unfortunately, that mechanic is still bugged it seems. so, you can set it up two different ways.

  1. everything is lost on death and corpses are lootable. admin will need to give each team a number of armor sets and weapons at each base, and the fallen will need to gear up after each death. if all gear sets are used then that team looses by default.
  2. Just let players keep everything on death and raise the number of steel to be collected.
    The NPC spawn rate that I have the event fixed at allows for an average of 160 steel bars every 5 minutes that can be collected from New Asagarth. A full clearing of New Asagarth averages 160 steel bars. you do the math for how long you want the matches to last. I figure 400 - 600 bars to be collected per match.

locations on the map here are set for equal travel time from the base to the warhorn and to the entrance of New Asagarth. This placement should also force pvp interaction at around the entrance.

disclaimer: I have not been able to test this in an actual event. but I think the Idea is sound. No one will join my server, lol. its so lonely here.
Please feel free to steal this idea, record it and let me know how it goes, please