Stone Industries is recruiting ALL players for it’s newly launched server!

We have a two year history hosting Space Engineers servers, arguably one of the best communities for that game and want to bring what we learned to hosting servers for the Conan Exiles community!

So come check out our discord! We don’t bite, but we might hit you with an axe!


At Stone Industries we pride ourselves on hosting reliable servers with non toxic environments. Our Support Staff only step in when there is an issue with the game or a hiccup on the server. No Admin abuse here!

Right now we’re hosting a PvP server with raids on the weekends. It’s noob friendly and we will be adding NPC boss encounters and events/contests with real prizes!

So if your looking to get into your first multiplayer server or just a fresh start with a new community, we’re the place to do it!

I joined your server earlier and wow, gotta say I was impressed. Do you guys plan to add any events in the future? Fantastic, thanks again for posting this and I think I found a video you might of posted?

Played with these guys in another game. Excited to give this one a go. Should be fun.