[PC | NA] Sword & Serpent New RPVP Server!

The world of Conan calls to those with savage hearts. You are not like the soft ones that live in clay houses. You do not fear death, you welcome it. You burn with the need to strive, to conquer.

Sword and Serpent is a new RPVP server which proudly embraces the barbarism of Conan. Warfare does not ask for consent. The world and all things in it seek to devour you. Your tribe gathers in huts, circling the dim light of a fire instead of the massive walls of a fortress. Our server tries to immerse our players in a realm of mythic savagery, where primitive barbarians fear the ancient, evil towers of sorcerers that look out over the untamed wilds.

Our settings and rules are designed to sharpen the danger and ground the fantasy firmly in Conan’s barbaric roots. Drop on death is active, PVP is constant, buildings decay, harvesting is slow, starvation is high, nights are long. As role players, we understand that the best storytelling comes when the full range of the human experience is woven together. Conquer your fear of the night. Embrace your lusts and bloodlusts. Do glorious battle!

[ Server Settings ]

      > 7x XP to remove compulsion to powerlevel
      > 1x immersive harvesting
      > no avatars
      > immersive building rules
      > weekend raiding
      > PVP always, everywhere
      > equipment drop on death
      > looming threat of purge
      > building decay

[ Mod Collection ]


      > Pippi
      > Emberlight
      > Pickup+
      > NPC Equipment Loot
      > Offline Raid Protection
      > Game of Thralls Server Mod
      > Breast Physics
      > Class Mod
      > Sexiles

[ Discord Server]

Sword & Serpent has just completed the first iteration of it’s new trade system, complete with trade routes and a functioning currency! Come join us to check it out:


Tomorrow on Sunday the 16th, Sword & Serpent will be hosting an event to celebrate the release of our first storyline quest: Feast of Flesh! Join us at 5pm EST tomorrow when the quest will be first activated. The first team to successfully complete it will receive 150 gold coins to use on the server, in addition to the quest’s normal rewards.