[PC]NA-TrialbyCombat.org New Server!

Trial By Combat is a brand new Conan Exiles server looking to create an interactive and fun community of gamers. We host and maintain our own servers and website. Our server is equipped with blazing fast SSDs, brand new CPU, loads of ram, and plenty of bandwidth. As we begin the server we hope to get players who will invite their friends to come and join us.

-Must have both Pippi mod and Drag Thralls in Water mod enabled in mod menu to see our server from list.-
-Server is TrialbyCombat,org (3x All, no Gods)-

Website- trialbycombat(dot)org <----forums won’t let me include links :disappointed_relieved:

Server Events-

  1. The Grand Arena: A place for exiles to battle their thralls and compete for both prizes and glory!

  2. Siege weapon firing range- An event where the server can come together, shoot down some admin created targets, and learn a little about proper use of siege weapons.

  3. Dungeons- Admin created dungeons that are unlocked for raiding during event times.

Server Mods and Perks-

  1. Pippi Mod- Allows an in game currency system, npc creation, and command system that expands what the admins can offer players.

  2. Drag Thralls In Water- Fixes the problem of thralls dropping from bindings as you carry them back to base.

Please check us out at trialbycombat(dot)org and help our community grow!

Still looking for more to join the server. The Grand Arena is halfway complete!

PvP is currently turned off on server until new npc city and safe zone is finished. More being added to the server each week!

Forgot to mention we are a PvP server, but with PvE and community focus. While PvP is always there we are trying to create enough events, admin created dungeons, etc to keep the server busy on constructive activities rather than hardcore PvP. The server has two admins and we will later be implementing a faction system. How it will work is, during events(be they PvP, arena or tower defense events) each of the admins or “Gods” will be the faction’s patron deity. Each faction may include several different clans and during the events those clans will work together to beat the other faction and their deity. The faction that wins gets rewarded points to a monthly score. The highest score for the month will win and be given riches galore.