[PC] [NA] [USWEST] VoidRealmPvP [5x Exp, 5x Harvest] [Events] [PvP] [No Offline Raiding] [Wiped 6/15]

VoidRealmPvP is a freshly wiped (6/15) server with a proven history. Admins are active - new players and clans are always welcome so bring your friends. Currently averaging between 12-25 players on during peak hours with numerous active clans looking to recruit. Come, bring your friends and grab some great building locations while they are still ripe for the taking.

Server: VoidRealmPvp [5xall][nogod][6/15][daily events]

Direct connect:


  • True dedicated server box located in USWEST with; scripted restarts, auto-updates and down-detection
  • Active Admins who host daily events; tournaments, trebuchet dodgeball, capture the thrall, arena, treasure hunt, etc.
  • Moderated discord with clan channels; https://discord.gg/xrr2WzK
  • 24/7 Open world PvP with building damage enabled
  • No Gods
  • x5 Experience and x5 Harvesting
  • No offline raiding (strictly enforced by Admin)
  • Publicly accessible maprooms
  • 24 hr. protection option after raid
  • Multiple active streamers
  • Much more


  • 2 bases and 1 outpost per clan/solo player.
  • No Harassment. If you raid someone, they get the option of enacting 24 hours protection to rebuild.
  • No Sexist or Racist Chat in Discord or general chat.
  • If you are caught Exploiting or hacking, you will get Banned. This includes foundation spamming.
  • No excessive grieving such as foundation wiping, spawn killing, etc.
  • No build blocking resources and thrall camps
  • No offline raiding. (Must be at least one person online in the clan you are raiding when you start the raid, if they log off during the raid you may continue)
  • No unraidable structures. All buildings/placeables must be raidable.

Come chat with us on discord or join us in-game, we look forward to seeing you soon exile!