[PC] [NA] Welcome to the Dirty South! XD PvE-C 3x Gather/XP w/ Mods

Welcome to the Dirty South, a PvE-C server based out of Little Rock, AR, and we’re looking to grow our community! We’re a server of people who really like to build and have mods that give us more fun toys to play around with. We recently changed to a PvE-C type of server so we could have a little more fun while out and about, all the while not losing the great things we love to build. :slight_smile:

We have active admins who are pretty laid back with only a few rules to keep in mind while playing:

  1. Be cool with each other. (⌐■_■)
  2. Don’t block points of interest/resources/thrall spawns. ᕕ(⌐■_■)ᕗ
  3. Don’t build too close to someone, unless they’re ok with neighbors(don’t want to stop someone from expanding their base). (ᕗ ͠° ਊ ͠° )ᕗ

We will have weekly events we would like to do, what they are will be determined by how many active players we have currently playing. Some events may be active events, others may be building contests. For example, a previous event we held was an arena building contest. Whoever built the best arena not only won a prize, but their arena was used for server events!!!

Many of us love building, so we do use mods that give us more toys to play around with. Here are the mods that we use in their proper load order:

  1. Pippi
  2. Age of Calamitous
  3. Glass Constructions & More

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me here and I’ll get back to you asap. You’re also more than welcome to join our discord, which will not only get you a faster reply, but also let you get to know our community of players. :slight_smile:


If any of this sounds like a fit for you, then we’d love to have you!!! :smiley:

Bumpity bump bump

Ive been playing on this server for like three weeks now. The server updates and restarts frequently so there is little to no lag.plenty of cool building spots left and ive made a few friends on here for sure.glad i found it when i did!

Admins are cool (no sketchy shenanigans),and if a mod updates of the server needs updating they are right on top of it (ive seen very little down time due to prior mentioned issues…which i can say other server admins ive seen take days to update).

10/10…come join the fun!

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