[PC] NEW light RP/PvP - Novasylum, a community driven experience

Novasylum is a new, currently 99% Vanilla Conan Exiles server (we currently have 2x Harvesting bonus) that is dedicated to forming a community and curating an awesome experience. I plan to have regular events, voting for the direction of the server, and a consistent community of friends and neighbors via the use of a Discord server.

We will have PvP Enabled 24/7, but Raiding and Avatar Summoning will be limited to Weekends from 6-10pm Eastern Time. Griefing is not allowed HOWEVER you will need to make a strong case for why the behavior you see is griefing and not simply playing the game.

All of these things are open to potentially changing once the community settles in and we can start to discuss the changes we’d like to see. For one I’m very open to an RP server. This server is brand new, so I’m looking for more members to join and share the experience. I will have Discord Moderator positions available for those who are interested.

If you are interested, please join my Discord server here discord.gg/tAqPVUe

Bumping this, we’re slowly expanding! Join if you are interested in helping this great community grow!

Can’t find server