[PC] !NEW SERVER! Instance City - PvP/PvEc - 5x Harvest | 2x XP | 100% Radical

Heya folks. Just set up a dedicated 30-slot server, PvP is not restricted by time (for now, may restrict later on) and player-based building damage is off. Purges are on. Trying to build a regular community, admin will be active daily.

5x Harvest rate, 2x experience, relaxed atmosphere. Items dropped on death. Come on in and build some cool stuff. Develop rivalries with your jerk neighbor. Steal his bears!

No blocking important nodes/paths to resources/major travel spots/POI. Claiming a large area for a large clan is fine, but If you block off sandscour pass or that shortcut from the Arena/Galleon I’m blowing it up.

Don’t be a troll. Stealing, assault, etc, all fine. PvP is enabled after all. Don’t mess with someone’s stuff just to ruin their day.

Be respectful. Heated discussion is fine.

Connection info:

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That’s hardly even a shortcut and is a fantastic base position! pffft lol

(Seriously though, just running around to the right takes like 10 seconds longer)

Eh, yeah I guess that’s a poor example, there’s like 4 passes there innit.

You get the idea though :3

Got a couple people playing daily now.

Come on and join up!

Got some more folks, plenty of room left!

3 clans active at various times daily now.

Everyone is pretty friendly, too. Nice folks. Free waterskin on a rock near desert spawn, just for you!