[PC][OCEANIC-locked] Brisvegas FTW! PVP 6X Harvest 2X Exp

Myself and a few mates have started a PVP Server, however it’s more geared towards PvE right now. We’re mature gamers that are just looking to enjoy the game without worrying about constantly having to start over.

Server Name: Brisvegas FTW! PVP 6X Harvest 2X Exp

Address: game.rhoatech.com:7777

Admin email: game (at) rhoatech.com

Region Locked to Oceanic Only

Location: Brisbane, QLD


Dedicated VM - 2x Intel Xeon L5640 @ 2.27Ghz (24 Cores available). Currently running 4 cores & 16GB RAM with plenty of room to expand should the need arise. Server OS may change in the future.

Settings other than Default:

6X Harvest

2X Exp

Other settings are currently being adjusted based on feedback (Such as purge timings).

See you in Hyboria!