PC Official Raid Hours/Timezone Question

Official Server #1808 PVP.
I have been playing on this server for few days grinding hard with my tribe mates. One night a tribe member says he saw building being blown up at 3AM Eastern Time. Being this is a American Region server, we did not believe it. So we did a test, and sure enough around 2AM EST we were able to destroy other clan structures. Can someone please tell me how to determine server timezone, and why a US server has pvp hours way into 3-4AM ?

Unfortunately, it’s not quite so straightforward. I did a search of all Official CE servers on BattleMetrics, and found that even within a single range of 100, servers might be in different countries:

1000-1016 Germany
1017-1022 UK
1023-1124 Germany
1125-1130 UK
1131-1208 Germany
1210-1322 Russia
1325-1402 Taiwan
1500-1516 USA
1517-1518 Canada
1519-1657 USA
1725-1727 Germany
1728-1935 USA
1940 Canada
1941-1945 USA
1950-1974 Australia
1975-1999 Brazil

That said, #1808 definitely falls within the range of US servers, so I then filtered to just US servers and compared distances to see where servers were clumped into the same datacenters…

322 miles from BattleMetrics:

526 miles from BattleMetrics:

2115 miles from BattleMetrics:

Assuming servers are assigned their timezone by where they are physically located, that means the higher numbered ones are likely (but not guaranteed) to be Pacific Time. Since 1808 would fall into that range, it should be on PT.

Even so, the server browser shows that Building Damage hours are 17:00 thr 23:00 (i.e. 5pm to 11pm) so if damage is still enabled at 12am in the server’s timezone, then it could indicate that it isn’t applying Daylight Savings Time or some other weirdness/misconfiguration is going on.

Either way, this is yet further proof of why we need a server’s local time and/or time zone to be visible from both the server browser and in-game.

@Ignasi @Hugo Can you please intercede with the coders (or UI folks) for some aide in being able to see the server’s time/zone?


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