PC official server #1032 PvP Disappeared stuff from locked large chest

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Hello! I have a locked large chest. Some valuable stuff was saved in it (alchemist base, T4 thrall etc…). Yesterday the stuff was in it. Today no stuff in it. Again: the chest was locked. All stuff just disappeared. No event log records about it. The chest is still locked. Please, clarify the situation.

Check your event logs for unauthorized/authorized access.

Already did it. “No event log records about it”

There are a haker from clans who recently entered the server, they are using “magnit” hak to loot closed vaults, kills people from distence and more things. We caught these player after he looted our vault and killed him with all loot, also he uses hak to kill me naked (i went near their undermesh just for record him doing that) he is already reported, waitin funcom to ban these clan.


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