PC Patch (03.09.2019) - Battle Standards, New Weapon types, further balancing and more!

I have the same problem, i can stay online between 1 -10 min and then i get Fatal Error. Last night it did that 7 times and just now again

Hi @Desdemonica,

if you got so much Fatal Errors maybe you can help the Devs out by reporting Step by Step what you have done to cause the Error. PC Patch (03.09.2019) Fatal error

Thanks in advance
Sir Bowen

I still do not see the most important thing: “Purge now works as intended” in the Bug Fixes section. Purge has never worked fine since release (15 months).
P.S. No need to answer me with a link to the topic “How to be a bug hunter” - do not make me reply to you with a screenshot with the search results for the tag Purge. It’s easy to find many topics with Purge bugs from patch to patch - you haven’t fixed anything!

Well it would be nice to know these things, and I don’t believe it states it anywhere for the blood and Sand information. Also, in addition to the new weapon animations, it seems that the thrall using weapons with the new animations are not working properly. They simple stand their with the weapon drawn and don’t fight, I had an issue where my thrall won’t fight with one handed axes or two handed swords.

New patch is out!