PC Patch (05.12.2019) - Mounts! Follower leveling system! More combat rebalancing! But...by Crom! There's even more?!

Spikes. Palisades. Or you can also level faster. Anyone who isn’t new to the game should be able to get to level 30 in a couple of hours.

Yeah, but now we’re crossing into FYGM territory. Like I said, I understand both points and respect your right to have that opinion, but I disagree with it on account of it taking away something that was possible.

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Then maybe consider how your tone comes across to others, because that how it’s coming across to me too. :-\ Honestly, from the many posts you’ve made decrying how changes to the game to balance PvP hurt PvE and single-player, I’m kind of floored by your lack of empathy here.

As to the T1 and T2 fences, nothing about their design speaks of anti-climb the way the designs of the T3 fences do. T3 are covered in sharp spikes whereas T1 and T2 have what looks like handholds sticking out. Nothing about their visual design speaks to the effect they now cause.

Fact of the matter is, we now have fewer design options available now until such time as Funcom decides that PvEers and RPers ought to be able to have fences once more too.

EDIT: So apparently the PvE crowd now has 1 option if we want a fence we can climb over, and it’s pay-only. If you have the new DLC, you can make a T3 stable fence, and you can climb over it. So guess we need to rush level 30 now and shell out +$10 to do what we used to be able to do from early game for the cost of the base game.


If you object to that specific term because it happens to contain a profanity in it, I can replace it with some other, but there is no flattering term for someone else’s egoism. :man_shrugging:

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On a completely different note, the new purges are actually challenging now.

My neighbor @Soulstis got Cimmerian Beast-Tamer tonight, but it was not the same purge we’ve been getting, not by a long shot!

Instead of some lollygagging wolves, a few lowbie archers and a single T4 crafter each wave, it was a horde of Cimmerian Berserkers running at us from multiple directions with fighters and crafters of all tiers mixed in. It was genuine chaos! He probably lost more thralls in this single purge than the 50 that came before!

THIS was a battle worthy of being called The Purge! :smiley:

  1. My priority is not to make the discussion attractive to you, but to argue about the issue at hand.
  2. Ad hominem is not a fallacy when it’s relevant to the issue, such as pointing out hypocrisy in one’s arguments.

I think you’re confusing egoism and egotism.

I replay the game and find myself in the lower levels often enough to know what it’s like. And every time I start from scratch, I have to face the challenges of not having all the stuff I’m used to.

The game has a level progression. You don’t get a Cimmerian battle-axe at level 20, you get it at level 40. You don’t get a fluid press at level 10, you get it at level 28. You don’t get spiked fences at level 3 or level 20, you get them at level 30.

You can argue whether the level progression should be in the game in the first place. You can argue that the level progression is incorrect and should be readjusted. I would totally understand that.

But to take away something that the game allowed – snappable, climbable fences – without even reworking all the visual cues and affordances, and call that fine just because you happen to like it and to hell with everyone who suddenly doesn’t have what they used to? That is FYGM.

The spikes and palisades are still available, correct? You could use those instead of making T1 and T2 anti-climb. See? That’s the same logic as yours.

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CORRECTION: The purge was not CBTs, it was a completely new purge called “Cimmerian Berserkers”.

Additionally, some other players also got purges that are documented neither on the wiki nor detailed in the patch notes. One player told me the got hit by “Lemurian Warriors” and the other was some sort of “Nordheimer” purge (player was dying too much to recall their exact name). In both all instances, the enemies were dozens to each wave and fast.

@Ignasis @Tascha While new and stronger purges are an exciting turn of events, it’s kind of shocking that this wasn’t called out anywhere in the patch notes. The fact that it’s also coming at a time when everyone’s defenses are at their weakest from the not-previously-disclosed nerfing of all old thralls is brutal, particularly to players who are leveling up like these guys were.


Yup. I’m so excited about this change. Giving players anticlimb options at T1 and T2 was a nice give.


I love you, I love you, I love you!

It’s weird, but that one line is for me the best fix / change in this update.

Helps with a whole lot of building.

I am still greedy for a few more changes regarding building with wedges, but oh yes, this so much helps with a lot of roof building. No more need for complicated support structure.

So still:
Once more unto the WEDGE!

But also:
Great Work, keep it up, I love you!


While I agree that it should have been called out and that it can be brutal to newbies, I can also say that many servers have a really nice community that will help with a Purge. It just happened on my server, an hour or so ago :slight_smile:

Apart from the bugs that annoyed me when I tested this update, I must admit that there are many good changes and good ideas.

As always Funcom shows good will, pity that it is always so damaged by bugs, strange decisions, obvious lazyness on some things etc …

I still believe in your good will, so I bought the last DLC like all the others to support you. But I admit that I have more and more trouble getting my hands on the wallet.


We have a nice community too, and we routinely help also. However, when you’re used to being able to handle purges in a given area without issue, and suddenly you’re overwhelmed with your help inexplicably at 1/2 their usual HP… Well, it can take a while for back-up to arrive, particularly when you’re several minutes from an obelisk and your would-be backup doesn’t have any decent followers yet because they were at work all day instead of power-leveling stored thralls, and they can’t get there any quicker because their first horses haven’t even finished cooking yet.

In the case of the guy who got the Nordheimers, they just mentioned in chat that they were in the middle of deleting old thralls (because they’d read about the limits) when the dung hit the fan. :grimacing:

I believe the term is “a perfect storm”.

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Hmmm… How can I see a real “level” of a new Thrall? All that I can find in GUI is XP points till next level-up. It’s VERY inconvenient. If it’s level 9 I’d train him for some more time to get Perk, but if it’s only level 8, I’d better go to bed… It seems to me that levels have been visible earlier, in Funcom announcements, weren’t they?

First, i am totally with you, it´s great!
But it seems right now only some inverted sloped roofs can be attached to foundations and walls (not to ceilings). I tried aquilonian -not working.
But one thing is funny: The inverted sloped roofs now have a unique ability, because normally stability is transfered via the sides of a tile, not the corner. Now they can do things flat wedged roofs can´t ^^!

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Inventory, K.



Oh, I’ve got it! It’s a localization bug - Russian string is too long. Time to make a new topic.

My first feedback: The new accleration driven movent feels a little sluggish, especialy if you are in your base and want to act with different work stations. I would suggest to increase accleration a little till a certain speed and then tone it down to reach full speed. It needs more fine tuning.

are there any informations to what “survival” attribute effects followers? For example my T4 Volcano thralls have 15 survival but lower strength and vitality compared to Nordheimer or Forgotten Tribe. Thats make them a less potent fighter as there little higher base life doesn’t make up for it. Furthermore, where is the point getting Archer thralls of a given faction if there only difference is lower base life? At this point the only archer to go are Relique Hunters of Serpermeru.

We’ve opened a new thread to gather feedback on the new movement changes, please don’t hesitate to vote and share your concerns with us!


Random issues:

  • Missing Bulk armor plating recipe from improved armor bench after patch and requires normal armor bench.
  • Nightvision from night stalker helmet no longer works.
  • Encumbrance spec does not allow for sprinting on horses.
  • Pets/frost giants/non-thralls can no longer be healed with healing arrows.

I have to agree. I like this change a lot. When I was building my city, it was mainly build in t2 and huge. At that time I had no chance to prevent people climbing the walls and steeling or destroying my t1 thralls that I had placed as decoration. I am very happy to see that this is possible now. As a newbie or someone who is not pushing through levels its a nice change.

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Question, is it meant to be a mechanic where you cannot open gates while mounted? Also I have noticed more issues with lag etc after the patch. Is this to be optimized more efficiently in an upcoming update or is it due to anything such as existing old thralls still being on server etc. I love the update to be honest but that is what I have noticed since yesterday.