PC Patch (05.12.2019) - Mounts! Follower leveling system! More combat rebalancing! But...by Crom! There's even more?!

Hmmm… How can I see a real “level” of a new Thrall? All that I can find in GUI is XP points till next level-up. It’s VERY inconvenient. If it’s level 9 I’d train him for some more time to get Perk, but if it’s only level 8, I’d better go to bed… It seems to me that levels have been visible earlier, in Funcom announcements, weren’t they?

First, i am totally with you, it´s great!
But it seems right now only some inverted sloped roofs can be attached to foundations and walls (not to ceilings). I tried aquilonian -not working.
But one thing is funny: The inverted sloped roofs now have a unique ability, because normally stability is transfered via the sides of a tile, not the corner. Now they can do things flat wedged roofs can´t ^^!

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Inventory, K.



Oh, I’ve got it! It’s a localization bug - Russian string is too long. Time to make a new topic.

My first feedback: The new accleration driven movent feels a little sluggish, especialy if you are in your base and want to act with different work stations. I would suggest to increase accleration a little till a certain speed and then tone it down to reach full speed. It needs more fine tuning.

are there any informations to what “survival” attribute effects followers? For example my T4 Volcano thralls have 15 survival but lower strength and vitality compared to Nordheimer or Forgotten Tribe. Thats make them a less potent fighter as there little higher base life doesn’t make up for it. Furthermore, where is the point getting Archer thralls of a given faction if there only difference is lower base life? At this point the only archer to go are Relique Hunters of Serpermeru.

We’ve opened a new thread to gather feedback on the new movement changes, please don’t hesitate to vote and share your concerns with us!


Random issues:

  • Missing Bulk armor plating recipe from improved armor bench after patch and requires normal armor bench.
  • Nightvision from night stalker helmet no longer works.
  • Encumbrance spec does not allow for sprinting on horses.
  • Pets/frost giants/non-thralls can no longer be healed with healing arrows.

I have to agree. I like this change a lot. When I was building my city, it was mainly build in t2 and huge. At that time I had no chance to prevent people climbing the walls and steeling or destroying my t1 thralls that I had placed as decoration. I am very happy to see that this is possible now. As a newbie or someone who is not pushing through levels its a nice change.

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Question, is it meant to be a mechanic where you cannot open gates while mounted? Also I have noticed more issues with lag etc after the patch. Is this to be optimized more efficiently in an upcoming update or is it due to anything such as existing old thralls still being on server etc. I love the update to be honest but that is what I have noticed since yesterday.

I’m not sure if it was intentional but my camel is now naked. During the live stream they seemed to be hinting that at some point mounts would be more than horses but there is no slot to put a pack or a saddle back on my camel.

And no, vanilla game, no mods, just official DLC.

I would like to know this aswell, when Alex mentioned that I got super excited, such a feature should exist since day 1 in this type of game.

Maybe I missed it, but is there a menu option that shows the number of followers you have or a clan has? thought that was mentioned as being part of this patch or was it just a wish list item.

Wait, what??? New purges!?!? Awesome! We need info on this!!!

I really enjoyed the Purge. The waves were 10-12 at a time. The Purge was cimmerian bezerkers actually not the usual beast tamers. I did lose 4 thralls but they were all pre-patch thralls. So no big loss.

I would have liked to see a little warning though from patch notes. While I like surprises, me yelling OMG and WTH and aaaahhhhh, while amusing to my family, was a little stressful lol.


Yeah, between you losing all your gear to the weird offline temperature issue, the Berserker purge, and then me finding out Lemurians were spawning as I finished demolitions on Lily’s jungle base… well, we probably both need hearing tests now! :rofl:

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Can’t use my keyboard layout on mounts. The game has its movement hardcoded to awsd, but using different keys and have the default altered to other functions. At this time, I’m not able to use mounts at all until this has been fixed.

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Apparently ‘old’ purges are enhanced as well.

Just had a bunch of Yeti’s over for tea.
Still two waves, but the numbers are beefed up; In the second wave I counted 12 Yetis escorting their boss.
They came in a lot faster, almost all at the same time and they are acting a lot smarter now.

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Anyone else getting lag issues after the patch? When I play the game it doesn’t start off lagg,y (like after the last big patch) but after an hour or so it starts to slow down significantly. This never happened previously playing Conan Exiles so I don’t think it’s my pc.


Or maybe not lag but rather frame rate issues. The game plays smoothly when I start it up, but as I said it starts to slow down and stutter the longer I keep playing.