PC Patch (25.06.2019) - The Warmaker's Sanctuary, Population Revamp, Temperature and more!

I think the Soothing works for a higher temperature than I expected.
As in, I thought having it right down the middle would bring soothing.
It has to be in fact a little higher than that. Kind of like being warm. Just before your character indicator shows that you are heating up.

In the new location I am in I get warm occasionally, every time I take a sip to cool down soothing comes on. In that location it seems to be working much better.

As for it going off when attacked. I assumed this was normal? I mean, you arent exactly in a soothing/zen state when in combat to be getting a healing buff are you? Or was it intended that we could have this during combat too?

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Numbing wraps still take away bleed.

Sure they do, after 6 seconds, no moving and Weapon unequipped :poop:


In sunken temple:
“you has learnt a new recipe: dagon ancient daggers”, dagon… dagon… Dragon maybe?

Other common bug (i hope than funcom know it)

the npcs when you kill them or if they are inconscient, they vanishes from map and if you relog or you go a lot of far and comeback then they appears again.

Dagon is correct. Dagon is one of the Conan lesser gods.

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other bug:

At sunken temple, in each temple, when you go out from it, if you try to swim before go under water then you breathing bar go to more far and you can see a lot of msg of “cooling…”

Hey @Fastorro

Thanks for the feedback, but it’ll be immensely more helpful for our team if you could send each one in a new thread so we can keep better track of it :slight_smile:

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For me it is working just fine.
Sure you need wear bit an appropriate armour, but experimented with different bases, in the desert, the green north, and near the mounds, still could have my soothiness perfectly.

Like said, mostly it’s bit above the middle in the temp-meter.
Anyway, i would love that we have to adapte much more to the climate and weather, but that’s me. :slight_smile:

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Yes, as I said it works fine for me :rofl: Think you are responding to someone else? Its just a little higher than the middle :wink:

And goes off when damage taken. Not sure if this is intended, I assume it is :smiley:

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Anyone know btw with this new patch what attacks the tamed lion does?
I notice Tigers when they do the pounce on me, and sabertooths as well, they sunder. I never see the sunder icon on enemies with either Greater Saber or White Tiger. But I assume the pounce is always sunder correct?

So, the lion has sunder too? Since it pounces as well?

As for the other attacks, sometimes I may see a bleed. Other times, I see cripple. Anyone have figured out how the combat works on a Tamed Lion?

Thanks for the update!

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Have one standing near one my bases, but i must admit, never took the time and get fight with it.
At first glance, it should be a cat like the others. But it seem’s maybe bit slower.
But i used over time also different modded version, so i would have to check the new official one to be sure.

Will try take a look at him next night if i remember. :wink:

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let us know your findings :smiley:
Im still trying to figure it out if they work the same on enemies to tamed myself. lol

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Unfortunately it does. Had an animal pen with thrall on its roof destroyed by a purge today, and the thralls are floating there still. :sweat_smile:

Ok, done some extensive testing with them in Solo/Co-Op using admin tools.
Spawning them through the npc option (not the resource spawn tool to the right, the middle button at the top) allows you to also see all their attacks in a from of inventory objects. Gotta make sure to spawn the pet versions ofc, I didnt bother with the enemy versions. I assume they are the same, if they are not, barely makes a difference, its the pets we are interested in :smiley:

Tested out White Tiger, Greater Sabretooth, and Greater Lion.

White Tiger-
Damage on all attacks = 78 with 9% penetration
Leap does sunder, other attacks apply bleed (making it probably one of the best options for PvE?)

Greater Sabretooth-
Damage on all attacks = 83 with 12% penetration
Has no sunder, just bleeding attacks.

Greater Lion-
Damage on all attacks = 76 with 9% penetration
Has no sunder…
Making it the worst option of all 3.

The way it is atm, there is no reason to go for a lion over the other 2.

Speed wise they all seem more or less the same, at times the lion a little faster?

Furthermore, ALL attacks on he lion are the Greater Panther attacks. Even checked and they indeed have the same “attack items”. Which means that they probably havent even done the lion yet with its own statistics/attacks.

I understand Sabretooh being stronger, but a Tiger being stronger than a Lion? There is a reason its called the king of the jungle.

If the intent is to overhaul it and add new attacks on some future update then I guess its ok. Still curious why it took so long for the lion to be added and when it did get added it is just a reskin of a panther.

If the intent on the other hand is to keep it like a panther… Please guys, don’t. It makes it again, useless as an option of the others and just a skin at this point.

I would personally place it at 80dmg with 10% penetration, AND sunder. It will make sense since the Sabretooth is much harder to get and well, its pretty much a dino-cat so its ok to be the strongest of the bunch.

Having the scale go 76, 78, 80 and 83 for Panther, Tiger, Lion and Sabretooth respectively. The Sabretooth having no sunder could excuse the slightly higher difference (3 attack points compared to 2 per interval before it) and more penetration.

The lion, slightly more penetration, and more damage with sunder. Making it the best option from all the “normal” cats and not dinos, lol, and more useful as an option, but balanced enough and clearly not the strongest. The Sabretooth can keep that title.

Anyone else agree with all this?


I would further add, that health differences would be nice to also add. All greater pets have the same health. I guess to some extent it is easier for balancing. But balancing should really be done with regards to the pet type as well.

I would make the STooth have the largest health pool. Then the lion. Followed by the Tiger and lastly Panther.

Lastly, animation/attack speeds could also be different, making more sense as well. Tigers and Panthers can be slightly faster at this point, the other two thus being tankier and slightly slower (as they are now, just make the other 2 faster).

Jaguar from what I saw is pretty much the same with Panther? Although, it has its own attack-items :thinking: Think it has sunder too? Can’t remember, couldnt be bothered going back and testing that 5th one out again.

Thank you much for the complet test and post !
I forgot the lion last night, so really happy you did it. :wink:

The lion wasn’t still in game, it just appeared lately as an easter egg. So his stats may not be that important. But still nice to know what we tame and have around our base.
But make of course the lion the strongest would make sens. Of course it should be a relatively rare spawn at this moment. The ST like you said, is still way harder to get.

(Real tigers stronger or weaker than tigers? I don’t think we can tell it so easily, they live at different places. But the tiger can be a very powerfull cat, especially the siberian one. )

The panthers, jaguars in game are for me the same cats, just with different skins.
I love cats, so i have them mostly all, and all versions, but mostly around my base. I don’t take often pets with me, or if, in early game. Later if i need help i chose mostly a good thrall.

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