PC Patch (25.06.2019) - The Warmaker's Sanctuary, Population Revamp, Temperature and more!

Can I prove that somehow ? There was nothing in patchnotes as far as I know

Biggest Understatement of the Patch award goes to

  • Fixed an issue that would allow overlapping some building pieces.

FunCom, your developers, artists and project people have outdone themselves! Wow! Just Wow! New dungeons, armour, weapons, tweaks are excellent. Compliments to them. Still sweating and plucking up courage to head back on in. As @Fia says, including the images from the players in the building contest is awesome.
Trust there’s at least some celebration over there…
@Tascha @Jens_Erik and (at)whoeverelse…


As I understood it, already placed buildings with fence foundation stacking were to be removed automaticly with the patch, but mine are still standing on an official server.

Greatly relieved to see that none of my bases (that I’ve visited anyway) have suffered any ill effects from the patch. Props on putting in the due diligence to ensure that legit creative builds were not adversely affected!

Also, it’s great to see more things benefitting from an increased stack size — my poor hands & wrists thank you. :slight_smile:


As per our announcement, these are the actions triggered by the script:

We’ve specified quite a few times that legit players shouldn’t worry too much about this, and only people who relied heavily on fence foundation cross formations would be affected depending on their particular configuration.


Thanks! I don’t care about their HP, I just wanted them as collector item. I’ve also put a bunch of Prowlers and Thugs on my wheels over just few hours after I got home from work.

I’ve got a clanmate on who confirmed the new hp.

It seems no longer possible to climb in Scuttler’s Shortcut (and the cave it connects to)
But that means that one cannot climb back up once jumping down to one of the chests that contain a colored crystal.
Is this intended?

Since it is a group dungeon, I guess that means Solo/Co-op players are worthy.

No. I’ll be too busy crying over not being able to complete the last two dungeons because I am not a group.

Solo/Co-op players are having difficulties finding Star metal because of the timing issues. Doing this means we will have to waste feat points on something we cannot use…unless one has to use start metal for Obsidian tools now…

How many? Enough to man the new dungeons?


Not feeling confident that this path will improve game play for Solo/Co-op players, but I will give it a try.

I keep getting Fatal Error when ever I try to log in, even uninstalled the mods I use and still cant log in, game crashes at loading screen.


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Hi! What’s the patch size? (Steam download size)

Loving the patch so far.

Some questions.

  1. How is the temperature effected exactly? I didnt see something “stand out” about it. I am sure over extensive testing I will figure it out but till then, I was curious for a quick answer.

  2. Armour weight is now fixed? Is this intentional? I hope so. This was very much needed, KUDOS :slight_smile:
    (as in, I am wearing all light, I threw on medium gauntlets and my armour weight is still light… as it should be. Throwing 1 piece of gear on you from a higher tier and having it throw the entire weight class off was silly)

  3. Is there some new “rest” or “relogging” healing passive added? Or was this always a feature in PvE-C? (My first pve-c server). I logged in and had some passive that was giving me +1 healing until my first combat. If its a new mechanic, can someone elaborate how it works/what it is? I am confused how to replicate it to figure out when it actually helps us.

  4. Stutter loading still an issue on inventories. And movement being locked whilst loading is still a thing.

Please fix this.

It is absolutely the worst thing ever to be playing a survival game in which life and death are crucial elements of the game, and you are walking off mountains to your death because the game froze on you during a load up but your movement got stuck and you apparently went flying over 3 valleys 2 mountains and 6 Islands.

  1. Can we also expect a fix for javelins at some point? They are very buggy to play with. Sometimes, you cant pick them up off corpses at all, they just vanish. Sometimes, their refresh rate is so fast that you cant even pick them up from the ground (missed shots) because they disappear before the battle is even done (forcing you to run around silly to focus pick up spears that missed).

Most of the time though (the most common and worst bug of all) thrown spears/javelins that you do pick up again simply disappear from your inventory. I went from 10 spears down to 5 even though I picked up 4 of the thrown spears during battle. 1 got lost, the 4 I picked up disappeared.

And even worse. Having picked up a spear, seeing it in the inventory. And then placing it back into your stack on your hotbar also has the spears disappear :roll_eyes:

Feels like jumping through hoops to play with javs and wasted materials.

I would be ok with spears/javs that missed their target to disappear rather fast if the rest was at least working. I understand having too much clutter could impact performance. So can we at least fix spears that hit targets and even more so, picking them up and it actually counting as a pick up? And further still, after having picked them up, being able to toss them into the same stack without playing roulette for when they will get added or when they will just vanish?

(work around for re-stacking is to take the hotbar javs into your main inventory and then equip again… even this bugs out sometimes, although very very rarely).

I love playing with javelins and honestly, I feel like I am constantly being punished for my preference.

Other than that, patch looks great guys, looking forward to further testing things out. Thnx as always for the continued support and great work.

Spears were used too much in PvP, to the point it created a meta. This is not good for any game and something had to change.

All things are subjective, but how come you are using spear at all in solo content? I found it to be rather boring. Its only use I would say was for PvP mostly. Most other weapon combinations are much more fun to play with. (I assume you mean spear as in the two handed one right? not throwing spears and javs… I didnt notice javs get a nerf, if so, then yeah that sucks hard. Kinda adds even more grief then to my previous statement on playing with javs being a pain in my behind)

The new dungeon is fairly easy up until the last two bosses. You’re going to need lots of healing arrows / items and a powerful thrall to get through solo. Theoretically you could do it without a thrall but it’d probably take forever.

Also bring some hearts of the hero to clear corruption from the various enemies / bosses on your way there


While I am on the subject of feedback and javelins. Pleaaaaase please pretty please please pleaaaaaaase add DLC javelins. PLEAAAASE! :rofl:

Love me the Aquilonian DLC in particular. And what is a Greek/Roman influence without throwing spears? :thinking:

The rest of the DLC’s too. Going by it with regards to cultural influences, the throwing spear was pretty much a staple. (Maybe not so much in the far east… but the rest of the cultures were greatly influenced by it)

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btw, this a new thing? never came across this item and ive been doing a fair amount of end game content on pve.

Wait, its a drop from certain bosses wasnt it?
Wait, I think I even have a few. Crap. Sorry I totally forgot.
So these can be consumed to get rid of corruption???

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Yea you get them from some of the human mini bosses in the Unnamed City and they clear all corruption when eaten


The underwater dungeon is solo’able even without a thrall or cheesing it. Though I will say Half Child of Dagon took too long to kill mano o mano. High end, well geared thrall makes it trivial.

That said I haven’t tried the new dungeon yet. It may be a different story.

There are other sources of star metal in the game besides the meteors. Not as much of it of course but enough for the basics. As someone else said leaving the game running overnight or while you’re at work/school/whatever works too. A possible fix, assuming it doesn’t already work this way cause I don’t know, is for cumulative play time to eventually spawn a meteor shower.

Adapt and overcome or obsess about all the reasons why you think you can’t. Up to you.