PC Patch (25.06.2019) - The Warmaker's Sanctuary, Population Revamp, Temperature and more!


Saw the 6k health on the Bandit Leaders (but you forgot the Sep Captains, so there ! )



Yeah true… I once got so annoyed from all the admin-spawns I was doing due to the fact that certain refresh-based things do not work like a normal server that I straight up deleted the game and started a new one.

Kind of defies the purpose of starting a game to play that game and get immersed when you are just spawning crap all the time. lol. Unless the whole point was to just have fun with building a “city” or something in mind.

Yes, It goes without say though that you are in the area when leaving the game on. Just make a small bedroll on a hilltop were no enemies can attack and bind it as spawn point. Throw a box next to it to toss your gear in (or turn drop gear off), then leave and come back when you are done :smiley:

Sure you will have died like 30 times. But respawning on the same spot and not losing any gear I think goes around this no? A small measure to keep some realism into the game without spawning items. Or just go godmode when leaving it online and afk. Then turn it off when you come back.

Meteors sure are a little annoying.

Im not sure if the resource respawn rate if it also applies to meteor showers. I assume not.

Good solution, Hazaron. I would like to add that since this is solo and designed for a constantly running server, I have absolutely no remorse about enabling god mode and going to sleep.



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btw, on this. does anyone know how? are there lion cubs now? or do we purchase them somewhere??

Absolutely. Perfectly said.

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im only aware of 2 lion spots, one in savannah by highlands and another north of sepermeru towards green wall. Probably look for cubs

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This is really strange… On solo the single time I tried to do it the whole star metal mining the legit way, soon as I heard the meteors I searched (and I was quite far from them too) and sure enough I finally made my way to like 4 of them. I was in the area grinding, was able to catch the next shower while not afk and saw the direction of the meteors. Found like 6 to 7 of them on that second run.

Never tried it again since though tbh, and this was at least 3 to 4 patches ago. Maybe they broke something. lol.

yeah I was thinking of giving those spots a shot. might fire up a quick solo game and tp up there to check. thnx.

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Tried both spots. The Savanah didnt have anything.
The one north of Sepermeru though I got a couple.

At long last… Lions! :smiley:

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How are spears post patch? Any feedback?

Very very bad.

@Ignasis It looks like the issues regarding t3 alters not placing upon upgrade from t2 are still in the live game see report:
Temples disappear when you upgrade them

So perhaps turning Avatars back on when players can not reliably create a t3 alter so they can make a god-bubble is not the best idea … please take it to the development team as an urgent issue to discuss continuing keeping Avatar summoning OFF until they have patched out the despawning problems.


I would like to see A.I revamp being worked on next, unresponsive thralls are really a boredom.

Edit: Though I have to say, the game feels much more fluid now, and the combat is way better, keep it up FC !:+1:

wtf is with the 80 foot tall yeti?
how do I fight that

yea the tralls now switch to fist fighting and if you equip there weapon won’t do a thing
AI really got messed up in this patch after 14 months gotta say worst I have ever seen.

lifebloodspear is 100% garbage now every 5 secs you get 2hp instead if 1hp that with the 43 power… no point in having it

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Takes less than an hour with a T4 volcano fighter thrall with a SoC and epic flawless heavy armor for me to kill everything in the underwater dungeon. Didn’t notice the time when I did it solo without a thrall but Half Child of Dagon was the only boss that took more than 5 to 10 minutes. That’s reasonable to me.

Leaving the game running used to work. If it’s changed then oh well and the devs should be fixing it. There’s still other sources in the meantime. The doors are locked only in your mind.

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so, bandit leaders are garbage now. So glad I farmed a bunch of them to prepare for this update. Congrats you have lost one of the few players you had left. Great way to kill the game.

So no new pets? Thought there was gonna be

There are? It’s in the patch notes.

There’s others not listed in the patch notes, don’t remember all off the top of my head, but they are out there to discover.

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