PC Patch (25.06.2020) - Some music, AI and server browser fixes

Funcom just released a new patch. Update your servers and give it a try perhaps.

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Hotfix did not fix the Failed to Login issue. Unable to play since today from the hosting machine.

Still there.

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Purges are broken again…
First 3 waves everything was fine, they did exactly as they should, 4th wave I couldn’t find so I headed thru my towers to the other side when I hear them. They spawned inside the main tower at the attack point, bypassing 3 closed gates, a drawbridge and 4 closed doors…Sure they didn’t teleport like the patch notes said, they Spawn inside, when they had a clear path.

After they destroyed some of that area and I eliminated them, the last wave never came, purge simply just ended when the message of the purge is regrouping appear …:woman_facepalming::man_facepalming:

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Same here, the 4th and 5th purge wave spawned directly on the roof

And the combat music still run forever and ever…

This Mod solve the combat music problem.

And this Mod helps with the Purge Glitch, i had no in-Base-spawned mobs with this.

translate with google… :slight_smile:

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Single player

Anyone notice your followers HP is nerfed yet again, some of mine by as much as 3000hp. I have some weird crap writing at the right bottom of my screen while I play for whatever in heck, guess its just more piece of junk I now need to find a way to dump as no reason for it . And why do I need to load in to Funcom live services to play, I brought it from steam, my steam page says nothing of having to log into some other service to play. Is that not something they have to state on the steam sale page when you sell the game???

The Paid Server

Well that is just a total mess, even more broken then it was after the last hot fix, I mean really can we just have some fixes and to hell with the changes till you get it running for everyone. People pay for servers to play this game to have it broken more then it works last few weeks is so frustrating.

Funcom could you point out in the patch notes where you nerfed more followers as I have read them a couple of times and just can not find it???

@Multigun posted a solution earlier in the thread if you want to get rid of that.
PC Patch (25.06.2020) - Some music, AI and server browser fixes - #28 by Multigun


Referring to the issue where players were auto-disconnected on private servers after a minute or three (in my case hosted at GTXgaming)

GTX changed all the servers query ports overnight and no further auto-disconnects. GTX made reference to an additional host patch sent out by Funcom, but if there was, there was obviously nothing updated my side.

Any Admins still with that issue, and on GTX should log a ticket stating the issue and requesting a change to their query port.
So far no issues…


We gonna start betting now? I mean how many hot fixes does it take to repair the damage 1 patch did? My guess is 5 more :slight_smile:


They need more. :wink:
The combat music stops not. It is not fixed. Today i have played and kill all enemies at a darfari camp and the combat music play and play and play and don’t stop it.

Fucom you have with update 41 the game shoot up. The ship is to sink!

We solved the problem by restarting our private Server. Maybe that will help you as well :slight_smile:

@drachenfeles I don’t see any increased memory usage on either of our servers. It is pretty consistant. Do you use mods? It could be a mod that needs an update.

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And is there any chance for a patch for the dregs boss who is broken for 3 months now or longer and the missing life bar of thralls on PS4?
Not being able to continue the story should be really worth a hot fix and should not be fixed with a large patch which is NOT coming for weeks…

Hey everybody,

Quick update: We’re looking into the remaining server issues and working on some fixes. Regarding the ever-showing revision number, that will be fixed in an upcoming hotfix.


What happened to the official server 1003 when it reappears on the online?
What is there with the updates and why break through something that at least somehow worked?
Are you ready to raise your servers in a week, from the influx of thousands of smurf accounts with cheats?

Hello @Ignasi, can you please fix the 4th archery perk in the next patch? 40 accuracy do way less damage that 39 accuracy. Something is broken. There is already many posts on this bug. Thanks.

Can’t host and play on same computer, I think multihome is broken after last patch

Here is what I did to get it to work. Maybe it will be helpful to you as well to look at.


Well I’ll try change my ports too and edit here. thanks


@Ignasi @Multigun The problem here is SteamQuery port, I changed to 27016 and get back my online access. Can this change affect something or other players to connect?