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Patchnotes: PC Update 3.0 (2022.09.01): The Age of Sorcery - #6 by Ignasi

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  • The MStore version of the game will receive this patch on Sept. 15. This should not affect compatibility when playing.

Yeah, about that… it does.

Is there anyway to sync these patches up? I’ve already bought the game and its DLC’s, and I’m getting locked out of Officials for no fair reason.


As there is no patchnotes yet, it is time to test if Stamina limit and HP limit potions finally works properly in combination with food/water HP/Stamina boosts. And maybe to check if Greater Hyena can be rised now :wink:

This thing is very hard bug as Isle of Siptah is really hard place to get Midnight Alchemyst feat and respec stats without risk of losing feats…
And this is game breaking for Siptah as well as potions/foods, not working items for summoning at Grey Ones… Game breaking bugs must be fixed first, no? But…

This fixes is kinda making people sad, when they dealing with really wrong behavior of the Conan each day…

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Congratulations, you just killed every modded server -AGAIN-.
But true, you fixed the crashes! Can’t crash if it’s not launching.


Oh no


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Any word on console?

after this update all my and my friends mods are corrupted, and with all i mean like 20+ mods every single one of them is corrupted and reinstall does not fix it.


You must expect this behavior from mods while game is constantly updating. Developers is not the ones to blame for not working mods or modded servers, you know?

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looks a bit odd for such a small update to break so much not even 3.0 broke so many mods.


I agree. If each modder needs to recompile their mods again for this update even a modest modlist could take many days to be brought up to date. No choice really if it’s required but it seems a tiny patch data-wise.


The modding community is the reason this game is still alive. Either roll back, Funcom… Or fix whatever the hell you guys just broke. So many years in development and still not a thing learned.


Like any game with mods, an update comes out and then the mods catch up. Take this time to get outside and see how the world has changed and re-introduce your skin to sunlight.


And maybe to check if Greater Hyena can be rised now :wink:

They were already spawning in SP for me as of 3.0, if that’s what you’re referring to.

Quite unusual a small patch would break so many mods (assuming many were broken). I have too many mods to test anytime today (48 mods). It happened, (notes my 4 servers are offline) and will start testing probably tonight or tomorrow to find which mods are fatally broken.

I wish the modding community well and patience for those who are waiting for mod updates to fix issues.

I have no expectations of having my servers up anytime soon. If it is as bad as people are predicting then my servers probably will not be up until next week at the earliest if I am lucky.


Modder server players: just keep monitoring the respective Modder Discords for comments, etc. This Update does kinda sound a little unannounced based on no modder Discord chatter. Modders usually have real life stuff to deal with so cannot immediately jump on in to update stuff if their respective mod needs to be updated. And use the Discord channels to report issues - and then wait patiently.


I think one thing that could help people using mods keep playing is to give the user the possibility to roll back to a previous version of the game. To play on official servers you need the last updated version, but for example if you want to play on a private server with a few friends it should not be an issue if you keep using an older version until your mods are updated. Or if you are playing single player. Many many other games give the option to roll back, and i do not see a reason why that would not be possible with conan. In any case just an idea, so that everybody could keep playing the way they like.



  • Yellow lotus potion (potion of natural learning) might erase acquired feats from Isle of Siptah and from the Library of Esoteric Artifacts.

Why not adding in feats list Midnight Alchemyst for 50 or 100 points, whatever, people can put some efforts to get points and learn it and not suffer from feats erasing bug anymore, when they need to change their stats?

  • Stamina and HP boosts from foods and water effect can be removed and potions can be made stronger instead. Looks like easy way to fix effects conflicts.

In animal pen Greater Hyena was not possible to create. It was Hyena or empty slot.

Nice, first launch after patch, pick my server (no mods installed) and I get Pak file issue and directions to run a file integrity check through Steam. Seems i will be getting more chores done this morning… :clown_face:'s


Didn’t fix the Figurines for the Pool of the Grey Ones summon bosses? They do not appear in your inventory after picking them up. Reported this almost a week ago and so have others.