PC Patch 3.0.2 - Discussion Megathread

Yeah, just want to second this. this is an impressive fail. Cost of game, rented server time ( that was patched but not MS store ). This is costing your fans a lot of money. What a failure.


x10 multiplier on a legendary fail challenge.

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I’m in guys. Give it another try.

not really. i still dont see MY server neither the official servers.

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Hello, our private server has been updated twice in hour today and after the second update Steam does not offer to download any update so when we try to direct connect we are on a wrong version…
Is there anyway to force update the game client ?
Thank you for your answers :slight_smile:

Sad, really sad… Patch not only brought down our modded server, but the 2 official servers won’t list.

Also when back up and operating, please get rid of the fog/haze indoors during malstrums.

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Funcom have just pushed out another client side update to make it compatible with the server update from an hour ago.

Yeah, but now I’m getting “Your character was idle for too long” and the client crashes when I click ok.

Edit: 3rd time’s a charm. magically worked after I tried a few times. But now the Battle Pass tasks haven’t reset. still no multipliers remaining from yesterday.

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+1 for priority to fix this.

a few servers are back, most aren’t

None of the 3 official servers I play on show up

this hot fix was so fast even the servers can’t keep up -.- when will the server client and the downloaded version match up again?

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Considering there’s likely a hotfix coming for the hotfix for the patch, it might be a while. Patch caused bad error reporting on mods too, so…

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The female movement didn’t yet fixed (new ugly hulky animation)?

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Yes, not a single official server showing up, all the unofficial servers i used to play on are down. Great job, this looks the kind of patch that nobody bothers test before release, because screw the players, why would we test a patch before releasing it?

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You know the cost of using modded servers. Please don’t whine.

yeah,i can only play on one of my modded servers,all the rest showing Invalid. even dir connects dont work :0(

My official server is not online yet. So Im here complaining with the others.

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Read the patchnotes, so the yellow lotus potion issues isnt fixed in this patch? Or did i missunderstand?

Server is not updated, your client version is updated. Same problem for me.