PC Patch 3.0.2 - Discussion Megathread

Correct :slight_smile: Your server wouldn’t have started if it had any of those mods.

Yea it seems like you just had a generic corrupt file in the game installation. Glad you fixed it!

Servers are invalid - 9999 ping

Alleged wrong client version:

Incorrect entry in GameTweaksCache.ini

The following change helped me.

Pfad: ConanExiles / ConanSandbox / Saved / Config / WindowsServer


You can just delete that file altogether

Why delete ?
I changed it like this, restarted server and then the server ran ?

That’s fine, that file constantly changes over time though so instructing people to set it to something static might not work tomorrow for example. Deleting it fixes the issue too and it just gets recreated with the latest data.

Servers restarting just now is there any patch coming?

Looks like a patch landed on the servers


Patch notes I am sure will follow shortly.


Thank you very much, this resolved the same issue for me!

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Still no notes?

Apparently not.

How to prevent auto restart from this.

May have been mostly to combat exploits?

I don’t think they want to tell us that they nerfed a bunch of things.
Glutton for punishment comes to mind.

There was an update of 430 mb yesterday does anyone know what it was?

I don’t know, but the radial menu does not work for me. It appears for only a fraction of a second.

Hallelujah! It is time to frolic! :heart:
We have the greater hyena back!

I just received one from my small animal pen and it didn’t disappear into the nether! :scream:

(playin on pc)

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Yes, post them more tutorials, maybe there’s someone who hasn’t seen it yet

It’s been several weeks that there are tons of videos on youtube and nobody does anything

Minimum of things this to desactivate the building dammages and enable it then they fixed game. Its take to Funcom 10 minutes disable it and reboot. Its the minimum.

They prefer 300 tickets every day about it and lots of drama topics every day at forum

We will see the number of players who will leave the game because of this

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Theres a 2,8Gb game update on steam currently live, but I have no idea what it is. (This isn’t a mod update - I know cause I have put game to update only on launch, but I cannot stop mods updating automatically).
Where are the patch notes?

edit: there they are

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