PC Patch 3.0.3 - Discussion Megathread

has it been pushed to xbox game pass players? I can’t update the game and can’t play with friends :C

Because LS isn’t effective at all any more for raiding. FC pendulum-swung to it’s just crowd control now. You guys got your way and the bases are secure again. Congratulations. I better not hear a peep out of “reporting Meta” because this is exactly what happened here…crying to FC that something is unfair and needs to be changed/removed. There is no difference between reporting ToS violation and the whining that pushed the change here.


Was it supposed to be that? From what I understood from previous streams it wasnt meant for sorcery to be an mechanic that could blow bases up like nothing.

You clearly dont understand what’s broken and what’s not.

And also, it’s not even a change. It’s a fix. It wasnt supposed to do that amount of damage like it did.

When you plan to fix the HP bars? It’s also one of those bugs that was reported in TL or right after.

From the reactions of Den, nope not intended but it was nice to see it. Bases that were just practically hard coded into the game were dropping. That is a win! I don’t even understand how someone can defend the idea that a base over a year old in a PVP server is a good thing.


I wanted to see a wipe on PVP servers to balance them out a little bit for a long time since all the exploits in previous patches f uked the game. But they dont want it for some reason.

But it’s not about defending 1 yold bases. It’s about that it was broken. And for a thing that’s so easy to get, doing that big damage on bases will not be fun in the long run.

People put days into farming and building a base. With lightning storm you didnt even need an hour of farming to break a base as long you learned the spell. Wich did not take alot of effort to learn either.


i think the slaves need to be increased

The free b**** event is finished :frowning:

Thanks for the update.

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Same for me on Game Pass PC. The server got an update, but I can’t join because haven’t even been given the option.

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And? That doesn’t seem to stop support for raiding other folks so. Trying to figure out how LS is sny different than an avatar or bombs from a entrenched veteran. Help me understand how there is balance if one side has 3 years of collected loot from various others they wiped and a base that is god and tr3b proof against some guy that come on a month ago.

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How is one person being able to wipe a base with a jar of dirt balanced? LS rendered bombs, gods, and trebs obsolete.

For the overall… Not being able to double-jump off walls is gonna feel so bad. Wish they have it a stamina cost to limit it instead - make it faster but more stamina-consuming than climbing, while maintaining the flexibility.

It’s about as balanced as going against a alpha clan that has had a three year head start.

The main issue here is that LS added something completely new and it’s gorgeous on how the effect was. I have no issue going down when a bunch of new (or old) players set off something that darkens the sky and piece by piece, the alpha of old (ie me) is taken down…finally after an eon of reign, his evil is no more. You can’t do better than that stuff and everyone is enjoying that…if you aren’t, them you are the problem, not the mechanic. Exchange of alpha has to happen in a game to maintain life. If it isn’t, then you are actively trying to destroy it.


Any news from FC?

Tell me how it’s fair that someone who spended time in farming and building a base could get their base blown by a spell that doesnt take long at all to farm too?

I mean c’mon. Cant you seriously dont see any problems with an spell that does 100k+ damage and destroy bases like it’s made of paper.

It’s not even comparable to avatars and jars. Jars will take you time to farm, and also to raid with. Avatars dont take very long to farm but to craft. And also is protections against.

Lightning strike not so much. It could destroy a base in pretty much no time at all.

Do you know if there is going to be an fixes for the eggs? The timers state 260 Hours til expire but when we place them into a compost it states 12 hours but disappear.

About the fix :

  • Fixed an issue where the Delving Bench would return random items instead of recipes.

I tried with a climbing boot and an Epic Stygian Raider Set piece, it was bugged before.
Now, the items are not delving at all.
I tried with some random stuff around and the delving bench don’t delve at all…

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Did you guys fix the healing item bug? Both bandages and potions become unusable on your bar during combat randomly and the only way to fix it is to kill yourself.

Are you ■■■■■■■■ because it doesn’t wreck building pieces anymore? It was broken before.

I’ve come to the understanding that all bases need to be destroyed in PVP because this attachment to base and items needs to stop completely for PVP to survive. Right now, it’s heavily one sided and that is the side of the person that has been on the server longest with all of the stuff. They need to be removed and replaced with fresh people for PVP to survive and that isn’t happening because of the way the game is “balanced” as is.


Nerfed? More like nuked from orbit.

What’s the point of using it now?

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