PC Patch 3.0.3 - Discussion Megathread

No servers has to be wiped. Not destroyed by a bugged mechanic like LS was. If you do your way, the loot will just move to a different player.

grow up, and if you want to destroy other people base in pvp, farm for it.

it’s like in life, you have to work hard to get money, it’s not because you have 18 years that someone that has worked all his life have to give you his money because he is old and that you are young.

earn your money

invest your time to be the alpha if u want to be that and destroy and loot all others players bases.

I’m not the one that whined to mom and dad that it’s unfair that my base is at risk. The game will pvp die with your playstyle as it only cater to those that have the free time and… interesting psyche that agree. Eventually it’s just these folks that are in there as they have driven off all others…once again… congratulations. But that limits growth and popularity of the game. So numbers just stagnate until you stop getting replacements of those that leave it and then it tanks. Leaving the company wondering where is the return of investment to catering with the vets in lieu of actively trying to get fresh faces in.

Was there supposed to be a comma in this sentence? If so Im good with that as well and a fair compromise to the issue…but the reactions to lightning storm in play…it was like the first time an avatar was summoned…that feeling was great to see in a jaded bunch of gamers I call friends and I would love to have that back please…willing to accept alternatives if you got any.

Yes missed the comma. “No, servers has to be wiped.” But still reactions to lightning was fair. Since it was not supposed to be as strong as it was.

Alternatives is probably make the game more like how the core game was. Back then you could easily do 1 man raids against bigger clans even PVP against them since the skillgap was bigger.

hello someone has private server and appers to get 100% disk usage when launch server

even after restarting the server and windows, when it goes up the server it already goes to 100% disk usage and does not go down

Sounds like you want battle royale. Try fortnite
There is no logic in saying a player should be able to start up on a server and wipe a clan that has been putting time and effort into their base.
You say we are the ones ruining the game yet you seem to want to push out the people that have been consitabtly playing.
Should we all just stop building? Is that not a major part of the game?
Pretty sure it is so intergral to the game that it is included in the subtitle
Build Survive Dominate
But you feel your entitled to anothers hard work, simply by showing up.

Yeah heaven forbid I want Conan pvp to replicate the battle Royales and their player base numbers…gawd what was I thinking?

Storm stil OP i tryed on private server when you do those test on solo mode it dose only 1-7k dmg per storm hit. and on private server rent one) it stil broken 15k+ some time 50k some time 30k it dose alot of dmg to thrall stil and kill all thralls in 1 storm + wipe all chest inside base

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Certainly didn’t fix the XP Multipliers.

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Anyone that thinks lightning storm raiding before the patch was a good idea are total smooth brains. The only people that want it around are the lil solo goblins that go naked with a pouch and grief a big base. That isn’t PvP so I’m glad they changed it.

Though the problem is now there is so many resources and jars in all the servers that need to be wiped.

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The whole “stuff teleporting back to original locations after a server restart” bug is so freaking annoying. I’ve moved my stuff back into place the last 5 days every single night I’ve played.


Please tell me if there is a work around so that tomorrow this doesn’t happen again?

If i have to spend 30 minutes tomorrow redoing the machines, tearing up foundations and walls to find my thralls and machines, refixing everything, only to redo the process for the sixth time I’m quite possibly going to go insane.


soldier!. your mission is to destroy enemy reserves. is to throw it off a cliff!

Not true… to fix the healing bug:

Mount horse, use bandage, get message “Cannot use while mounted”, dismount - boom, you can heal again.

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Great… I can’t craft the construction hammer anymore (Error message: Unable to begin the craft) and some other items (potions for example).

No guarantees but I recently rebuilt my whole base and what I did was move everything to safe spots outside of the construction zone, and then moved it all again to a safe temporary location.

My thinking was that if the server crapped itself at any point in the process, the previous locations for everything would still be a safe spot.

Not ideal I know but this worked for me.

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So I’ve taken a break until they fixed some of this stuff. What are the new bugs? :wink:

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is this the xbox version could this be why my game wont load any server?

seem none, just explosive jar a liitle bit buggy in area damage, less damage, but seem jarr + orb allow to do same damage than in past

ls seems to do around 10k damage per storm launched . so need around 15 or litlle bit more (taking account that the hit is random) to open a base.

bad new is that LS seem to continue to do high damage to placeable inside a building, so well now if you use LS it’s more to wipe somebody, because you will have no loot, as all chest will be destroyed and decay before you open the base with LS lol