PC Patch 3.0.4 - Discussion Megathread

Duping is fixed, thanks. (tested on official server).

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if the cabinets are now overfilled, what is happening to the inventory within? Is it still safe or did people loose stuff?

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Can we please get servers transfers back now than the exploits are fixed?


Or could you please work with Amunet, to fix his map transfer tool? Hear it’s the biggest problem (after Pippi glitches, and so on) at the moment.

Nope the items will still be inside the cabinet, but when you clear the inventory you can’t put the same amount of items back.

But the battle pass one is untouched, obviously not intended and will be fixed to I’m sure.

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Português BR
:star_struck: Muito obrigado por resolver o problema do BUG visual @Funcom_Community agora falta apenas ajustar também o conjunto de poitain da DLC Riders Of Hyboria que está com o mesmo problema até hoje não foi resolvido… Obrigado FUNCOM :slight_smile:

Just got a pk file error while running through some base getting purged/defended. Guess when I log back in I am gonna be dead/looted. Smh

If you cant bring up the servers on PC Gamepass after the server restart / patch I had to uninstall and reinstall. I can find the servers fine now!
I could not find any information anywhere about this problem. Hope this helps others!

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The zombies still can be armed with weapons and armor :woman_facepalming:

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Eh? My Server Transfer is workin fine.

Patching just now 3.0.5?

Thank you for the post, the priority of fixing bugs needs to be better managed by funcom.
The graphic display error in klael’s fortress still exists. I mean, I like to buy the items from the shop, but I also expect something in return. A part of the income goes into development, I assume.

I hope it will get better in the future, the game has a lot of potential. There is currently a degree of dissatisfaction because many reported bugs are not being addressed.

It’s a mixed feedback, but there are things that are negatively noticed at the moment.



A friend and I made that comment over the weekend. It’s annoying how many bugs get reintroduced into the game with patches.

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Way aske for this in a PC patch?? Move owher where you belong :slight_smile:

Freeze on loading screen every day at evening, on server restart (1977) server back to normal till next evening. So i cant play, i work by day, and play on evening/night lol.

Log file keep saying:

[2022.11.03-02.30.57:847][118]LogNetTraffic:Warning: ReceivedNextBunch: Skipping bunch since channel isn’t fully open. ChIndex: 148

Googleed a lot and there is no work around only wait server restart at 4 am. Plus its an old issue, that happens so often. Wtf.
Just bought battle pass and bazaar stuff and cant enjoy online.

Trying to support the game but i cant even play it

May I ask for an update on the Punching Dagger fix? I haven’t been able to use any upgrade kits or repair kits on them. I mention this in a thread on September 5th and was told that it will be in a patch, but I haven’t heard anything.

I’m not really rushing anyone, I just want an update, because I feel like my bug report was forgotten.