[PC] Patch Notes for Live: Version 97865/17844 (18.05.2018)


Official servers settings :
KickAFKPercentage =
KickAFKTime =


Has the login failed problem been solved?


Keyword bolded :smiley:

Anyone from funcom willing to share info if devs at least figured it out what is causing spikes on main CPU thread in specific spots across whole map? Also, when we will get optimization for oasis south of den (considering I did not had performance issues there before console optimizations went thru, I guess we need optimization for optimizations)?

I will keep asking about this, because it is not acceptable for game to stutter in middle of the desert and work fine in mounds or at pirate ship (excluding couple of spots which are caused by global CPU main thread skyrocketing sometimes even from 40% utilization to 100%).


Hey, thanks for all the hard work so far, can you let us know if the light amour issue has been fixed which doesn’t let us complete chapter 3. Can’t at the moment complete this quest…



If am not mistaken CombatModeModifier=1 and PVPEnabled=True will list your server as PVE Conflict. Current config is subject to change if we find a better way to do it.

[HELP] How can i change my own Server to PvE-C?

I’ve been looking for that info since it was announced. That’ll do nicely. Thanks


I hadn’t thought of your two “other” scenarios, I understood it to mean 80% full server before it would start kicking.

Written English text can have so many interpretations depending on your frame of mind at the time of reading. Hence I never have an argument with the Mrs over texts anymore :slight_smile:


@Spynosaur_Nicole +Tyros +Zing

Nice to see you all hard at work, gives us all confidence that someone is leading us with a torch.


Bonjours bug de connection depuis la mise a jour du 18/05/2018 avec les mods : The Age of Calamitous .Impossible de se connecter mise a jour rapide vivement conseiller.


Trying to place a carpet in an existing building and get the messege “Building here would block your spawnpoint” everywhere


Yep, same bug @Epiphany


Quick Question,

In game now, it takes 4 min of non movement for the camera view to start circling around the player. Is that when the game officially recognizes that the player is AFK?

If so, when I set it to kick in 30 min the actual time will be 34 min correct?



Please, update server 1058 with the new patch!!


Thanks for the swift action Funcom :slight_smile: A great example of an emergent post-launch issue identified by players, and an effective developer response. Keep up the good work!


I would think the timer starts as soon as you become inactive (at the start of the 4 minute timer before camera circles the character).

Why would it be 34 minutes to boot the AFK? If the character has been standing for 4 minutes already, they are already AFK and there for should only have 26 minutes from the time the camera starts to pan around the character.

In my opinion, 30-minutes from the time the character stops moving is a generous amount of time.


shouldn’t be fun to raid bases full of (offline) unconcious people anyways


They explained it…
“The percentage controls how many players need to be logged on before the system starts to kick people.”

So if you have a max of 100 players, and you set the % to 80, the AFK system won’t kick in, until your server is 80% ‘full’. That way, if you only have 20 people logged in, any of them can go AFK indefinitely; the AFK system will never kick in, becaues 20 is less than 80…

It’s a load balancing metric to prevent AFK players from hoarding up playtime for others that can’t login due to server being at max pop.


Not when those player bodies are being used for storage. They can just take all the items from storage containers when being raided and log off loosing nothing. This mechanic can be so easily abused. It’s better leave the unconscious bodies ingame. What they need to do to fix the issue is limit the amount of SLOTs people can have in their inventory. I can over weight myself with 250 item slots on an alt character and log out.


Interesting. Last time I counted we were limited to 200. When was that changed?


Thats beside the point. 200 items is too much.