[PC] Patch Notes for Live: Version 97865/17844 (18.05.2018)


Yeah probably. I think vaults have 300 slots and they’re huge, so how can a person have 200?
I don’t think I’d be happy with less than 100 though. It’s not uncommon to get more than that when out gathering wood and stone for construction.


With the removal of logged out bodies people can just stuff themselves full of loot and log out. That’s the big issue here.


I’m afraid to set it to 0, because logic would indicate that the system always kicks when someone goes afk if set to 0. :fearful:

Is there a way you can get confirmed that “should be” actually is “is”? :grinning:


Hey MoosiSchmusi, just try it on your server! Set it to 0 and kicktime to 30 seconds and you will know soon. :wink:


hp regen bug is back. Well, we could play game as it was supposed to be played for 1 patch at least…


I have seen that “Placing this here will block your spawn point” and I have no spawn point yet.


What about the stamina glitch on ps4?? It ruins pvp


Moos asked his question before that description was posted. Before he’d asked, the description was a little more ambiguous.


This is a PC bug report/patch, post a question in the PS4 list to keep things tidy and to get more targeted response mate.


Charles, try placing it in a more open area. It means something is in the way of where you would spawn if you died, usually beside the bed.


I understand what it iw saying, but this is a carpet / rug and I never saw that error message before release and I had set up my bed and etc. Even BEFORE you setup your bed? I haven’t tested rugs and carpets yet on my base yet still working on finalizing the building a bit before I real go crazy with the decorating bit.


Is anyone else having issues where their machine is rebooting after the update on 5/18/2018? (Some of this is a repost from a comment I made in the wrong section) My machine has been crashing at random intervals while playing Conan Exiles. I don’t mean freeze or crash to desktop, I mean my computer completely restarts! I worked from home all day and had no issues with my machine. I wasn’t able to goof off and play because the patch knocked my buddies private server offline. After it was finally patched I was able to log in for the first time after the update. It was 30 mins or less later that my machine started this forced reboot issue. It has occurred 6 times at intervals of 1 minute to over an hour. Usually I am at New Asagarth when it happens, but that’s the only place I’ve been steady hanging out in game. I updated graphics drivers after the second crash, have no other outstanding updates. Running up to date 64 windows 10, samsung ssd EVO 500GB (I hear CE has had issues on some samsung SSD before), NVidia GTX980, 16 GB ram, i7 2600k. I hope this info helps…


Your rig sounds powerful enough indeed, but I haven’t experienced any MAJOR crash issues or reboots, but I play PC SP / Co-Op PVP. Just the no weather bug is bothering me. I can play the game fine and am still enjoying it but knowing that the weather is broken and might not ever be fixed worries me a lot. I know there are major issues / bugs that the devs are trying to fix as fast as they can so I am hopeful that maybe my weather will be fixed.


Just adding all those extra servers fixed my issue of all the official servers being always full. Started fresh on a new server and can never have to wait any more!


It’s running great here. I’m also using a Samsung SSD - the Samsung 950 Pro NVMe. My OS is installed on a separate drive though, a Samsung 840 Pro.


Singleplayer, the furnace keeps dissapearing after logout. I am actualy pretty furious right now because it’s been like this since release. I had even reinstaled the game from scratch. after every patch i start new game, try to place furnace, logout, login, furnace gone, waiting for another patch.


Check your temps, afterburner has ability to show you most of the basic temps in osd. Other apps like aida can display more advanced temps like motherboard vrm (if motherboard have temp sensor on it) and it could restricted to paid version only. Hwinfo should be free with all advanced temps, but I am not sure if it has OSD.


Speccy has all temp reporting as well. It contains other information that is also helpful.


I am very much looking forward to have a public buglist from Funcom, so that we can see and track what bugs they have taken note of and what priority those bugs have for them and how long it takes them to apply fixes.

Then and only then I can see right away if it’s worth posting bugs like infinite health regen, items missing collision, frost smithy not working and all those numerous other bugs that are still in the game or if they have been already reported 100x times before and funcom knows about them but isn’t able to apply a fix or doesn’t care to apply a fix because there is more important stuff to do for that time.

Until then… :sleeping:


Will there be camera customizable controls in this patch of the near future?