[PC] Placing Large Objects on Uneven Terrain Causes Them to Disappear

Game mode: Official Testlive
Problem: Bug
Revision: #95365/17742

When placing large objects, such as the T2 Wheel of Pain, or the T1 Mitra altar, they will disappear if they are sunken into the terrain during placement.

Repro steps:

  1. Create a large placeable object, such as a T2 Wheel of Pain
  2. Using shift and the scroll wheel, move the item down into the terrain
  3. Upon placing, the large object will be removed from your inventory, but will not be placed.

I had the same thing happen to me with the pleasure place of D. Just started playing a couple of days ago. It happened twice.

Instead of moving the object “down into the terrain” as you say, I recommend pressing the keybinding to auto-align it to the terrain.

They should make it so that you can’t even attempt to place the object if it’s sunken into the ground. But until then, the problem should be easy to avoid.

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I lost two alters this way. The third time I got it. You have to align the object with the terrain use middle mouse button. It will stick out in certain areas and look really stupid, but it will be placed.