PC Post-Halloween Patch (07.11.2018)

Thanks for the report Xileboss! :slight_smile:

Could you give us some more information? Maybe a screenshot, if possible?

Is this on single-player or in online play? What is your NPC respawn server setting set to?

This will be addressed in a future patch.

Can’t upload to the forum or post links. The hoke is where the altar should be to place the empty staff and mix it with de Demon Bat’s Blood.

Dear Jens, funcom logic regarding that ruleset is totally flawed when it comes to decayed (Abandoned buildings) because it has NO consequence to the structure owner, the building and contents will be gone anyways, it is also NOT A PVP thing, its the abandonment system that is destroying it not us… i would advice funcom revisit it again and change it back to what it was. (at this point you have to agree that the absolute majority of people simply hated the change right?). if i may ask… knowing this… what is funcom going to do about it? @Community

thank you!

we have the same problem with XX_Unarmed items.

So it’s just a coincidence that most of the things that don’t show in the patch notes are things we wind up not liking.

I trust you guys in the community team aren’t misleading us. You’re doing the best you can with what you’re given and you can only share what you know.

I do NOT trust the developers to have our best interests in mind, dating back to this:

That made it crystal clear that they won’t even consider what we say unless a lot of us say the same thing.

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Suggesting developers don’t care about their player base is obviously pointless. It’s like claiming a technican at a carmaker doesn’t care, if his cars are beeing driven.
They have to economize their manpower and take economic needs into account, which may not fit with your personal priorities.

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Easier to accept malicious intent, or conspiracy theories, then to accept reality sometimes.

Ark has official servers with set rules, Rust has official servers, just about every sandbox game out there has official servers with set rules. And they all receive the same exact backlash with the same criticism, and even the same EXACT conspiracy theories as what you just wrote up.

You are welcome to be annoyed, not be happy with the state of the game, etc. The moment you cross that barrier into “developer’s don’t care” territory, is when it’s time to re-evaluate your intent and feelings.

Game developers across the game industry are some of the most hardest working, most caring about their quality of work that you will often find in the work force. They put in thousands upon thousands upon thousands of hours learning their craft. Then, when they are lucky enough to get a job in the game development industry, they often put in 60 + hour work weeks. Their reward from the community is to be subjected to cruel and completely toxic personal attacks on an hourly basis.



Currently I manage and operate the biggest european pve server (no mods). We lost more than 2/3 of our players in the last 3 weeks because the petsystem is completely bugged. The Halloween event has again distributed some players.

It’s just impossible and it annoys me to write extra scripts/programs to keep the server clean, i spend 2-4 hours each day to manage all this things. we had to deactivate the starvation system right at the beginning because the variable StarvationTimeInMinutes is always set to 240 when you enter the admin menu.

The pet system is for private admins an horrer if the bugged hunger system is disabled. you can only kill half of the animals as admin, because some species are immortal and have no nameplate. thanks to the database structure you cannot assign slaves and pets to a player or clan.

And that’s only a fraction of the problem. The server crashes are increasing and the bug where all players fall through the foundations still exists. we don’t even need to talk about the decay system, that’s stopped on our server since release.

I don’t have anything against bugs, because what is bug-free? but such basic things should work by the time you publish them. In addition, I don’t find any of these problems on Trello :frowning:

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Just a shot from the hip, but are you guys running any modifications on your pve server? This are fairly bad issues you mentioned for just one server alone.

Sure but caring and delivering quality work are 2 different things.

You can run only small servers with mods. I’ll just say one thing about that. Mods are the evil :wink:

Could you let us know what exactly you are referring to when you say completely bugged? We can’t help or check on bugs/status if we can’t get more information. Or are you referring to the admin options you mentioned?

What do you mean by that the decay system has stopped since release?

irrelevant for the customer point of view. there is a product , a standard, if the product does not meet or exceed the standard you get hit hard., rest is just excuses.

At the moment, we have many problems with the pet system. Some player report this bugs, but they’ve never received any feedback.

Problem 1) The setting StarvationTimeInMinutes jump always back to 240. this always happens when i open admin menu or after serverestart.

Problem 2) The hunger counter reset after every serverrestart, so the slaves or animals could never starve.

Problem 3) Some animals don’t eat.

Problem 4) More than 40% of animal races have no nameplates and are immortal

Problem 5) I cant kill all animals as admin, both admin commands do not work. The immortal animals become normal when they are attacked by something. I spawn another animal and put the bugged animal between us. after that it can kill the pet normally and he has a nameplate.

Sorry, i mean that we have deactivated it on our server since release. all user with big bases have many problems. CE create many separated building instances at the database, and the decay system dont like it. when something then decays, the workbenches often remain standing

i made a report a few days ago about server crashes that we had since two weeks ago, but there was no reaction. today we had 5 crashes shortly after the hotfix came out. i already talked to the hoster and it’s definitely a problem of conan. if i had a contact, i could provide all logs and the server database to analyze them and if necessary find and fix the bug.

C’mon, I can’t join the official servers without first disabling all mods I use for single player?1!

Make two mod lists.

sure, official servers don’t accept mods.

To make it simple, or use like me a save-manager, or simply make a copy of your modlist your use for SP, and an empty modlist for your official plays. Put the emtpy one in the mod folder when you want go official, takes 3 sec. to do so. Done !

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Thank you and sorry for the late reply.
I assume this is a Gportal server then? correct?
I’ll get some eyes on this. Really appreciate the additional info.
You said you have no mods installed whatsoever?
Did you send the server logs/crash reports to the provider to look at?
Sending you a PM so you can answer easier.

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