PC Post-Halloween Patch (07.11.2018)


If you think about it, it is consistent in it’s own way. The PvE ruleset, is in effect “my stuff is mine, and you can’t touch this!” and looting decayed structures was the one inconsistency in terms of how that was applied. (Not saying I think the change was a good idea, but it is consistent with how PvE mechanics generally work)

I agree with you actually . The event we get is this broken halloween night event and that has run 3 days past and its really annoying

I also respectfully disagree. Once the structure goes into decay status its contents belong to nobody. It’s the same as walking up on a previously killed npc in new asagath and looting the contents before it despawns. No difference. Are they going to take away that ability in pve too? I don’t think so. lol

Okay, full disclosure, I don’t think this change was a good one. But, here, let me play Devil’s advocate just for the intellectual exercise of it:

On PvE, the focus is on you (and your friends) against the environment. Which means there should be no shortcuts on the survival aspects of the game – no easy harvesting, no fast leveling, no damage bonuses against mobs, etc. It should be a hard, brutal grind where surviving in that environment is the core challenge.

In that mindset, being able to loot the abandoned stuff from other players is a “shortcut” that allows you to bypass some of the challenges of the game. If you find an abandoned base of a level 60 player, it means at level 20, you could potentially walk away with chests full of epic gear, legendary weapons, T4 thralls, star metal and obsidian … heck, even the epic quest items required to complete the keystone (meaning that you’ve “won” the game at level 20). That’s the very opposite of a challenging PvE game.

Like I said, just playing Devil’s advocate here, but there is some logic to the change.

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I know you’re joking, but in terms of consistency … you’re not necessarily wrong there. Only mobs killed by the clan being lootable / harvestable by members of that clan would be consistent with the PvE ruleset. Undocumented change in next patch incoming!

So let me see if i’m understanding you correctly. It’s okay for a lvl 20 player in pvp or pve-c to use shortcuts such as looting abandoned bases but somehow in pve we should be restricted. I’m not seeing your point here. Forgive me and i mean no disrespect at all here but i don’t see where that makes any sense.

Like I said, I was just playing Devil’s advocate here. But with PvE-C and PvP, the idea is that the “challenge” is in other players getting up in your grill, potentially interfering with your desire to do whatever. On PvE, there is no such challenge, the only challenge to the gameplay is one presented by the environment itself.

Not to mention that in both PvE-C (during PvP times) and PvP, if you’re looting an abandoned base, there’s a decent chance that other players will compete with you for it, and kill you to take the stuff you’ve collected. That’s not possible on PvE. Now, PvE-C is kind of an odd duck in that you can only kill players at certain times, so “free looting” of abandoned structures should only be allowed during PvP times, if they’re shooting for consistency.

Come to think of it, that could create an interesting dynamic on PvE-C. If open looting abandoned bases could only happen during PvP times, it could create a contested environment that forces PvP confrontations over those bases at set times. “Hey, clan XYZ’s base is going to decay. When it’s PvP time, let’s head there and kill everyone in sight!”

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but if the base is decayed and belongs to nobody then it also is part of the environment yes? So okay, limit our ability to loot the previously killed thralls by other players (ridiculous) then well have to go all the way with it for consistency sake and limit our abilty to harvest animals that were killed by other players or animals that kill each other for that matter. Heck for that matter may as well just shut down pve all together and just have pvp and pve-c and limit your players who don’t want to pvp to just use single player mode cause that’s exactly what direction that ideology leads you too here.

I don’t disagree with you. Official PvE basically becomes an extended co-op environment that just doesn’t require anyone to setup a private server or suffer the legion of problems that exist with actual co-op play. But that does seem like it’s the direction that Funcom is moving in.

Actually, not in terms of the game mechanics. Even in it’s abandoned state, structures retain their ownership until they fully collapse or are demolished. The idea being that demolishing a base means you can claim the land that it’s on, but not the stuff that was inside it. (And it also gives the owner that 24 hour grace period where they may not be able to save their structure, but can still rescue some of their “stuff” and re-claim the land it was on)

And honestly, at this point it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if this is ultimately where they end up with PvE. Not something I’d agree with, but that is the logical progression of the changes they’ve been making.

nothing of what you state is true. Once the base is abandoned it belongs to nobody. the original owner can’t loot it themselves because it no longer belongs to them… it is just part of the environment until a:) somebody dismantles it or if falls to the ground in loot bags. in the previous state anyone could loot it now nobody…not even the owners can loot it. This is not just an official server issue. This is across the board all pve servers issue.

If the original owner can’t loot their own stuff in the abandoned/decayed state, then that would definitely be a bug. In fact, they explicitly stated that only the owner should be able to loot it, for “consistency” with other loot mechanics.

And I’ll add that I’m not in the least surprised that this change has / will have unintended consequences that they haven’t considered. Another reason I don’t think it was a good idea.

That’s demonstrably incorrect on your part. Go to an abandoned structure, use a repair hammer and it will show who the owner of that structure is. It most definitely does not show the ownership as “nobody”.

it retains the name only not ownership. If you were the owner and happen to log into that base then you could not loot it. it’s decayed and you would be able to access nothing. I do think it gives you the option during that 24 hours to demolish it but you do not have access to the loot bags that drop now.

Yeah, that’s clearly a bug even with their new, borked implementation.

If you don’t think this change was a good one (like everybody else) why are you playing the devil’s advocate and giving them reasons not to revert it? Do us all a favor and stop it.

Oh please, like they’re going to even think about what I’ve written for a hot second (if they read it at all), let alone use it as a justification for their implementation. A little less paranoia goes a long way, friend.

Personally I think it is pretty funny that everyone believes Funcom who says ‘yea we did that on purpose’, there is no reason at all to do that. It is like everything else: a screw up. It simply suits them to say that it was intented and everyone is buying it.

Yea right… :smiley:

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