PC Post-Halloween Patch (07.11.2018)


Oh please, like they’re going to even think about what I’ve written for a hot second (if they read it at all), let alone use it as a justification for their implementation. A little less paranoia goes a long way, friend.


Personally I think it is pretty funny that everyone believes Funcom who says ‘yea we did that on purpose’, there is no reason at all to do that. It is like everything else: a screw up. It simply suits them to say that it was intented and everyone is buying it.

Yea right… :smiley:


Heh, that’s as plausible as anything else. In fact, that’s straight from the SOE / Daybreak playbook with “features” they’ve introduced into EverQuest. Hey, it’s not a bug, it’s a feature!


There is absolutely no reason for what you are doing here, debating with Princess and Palm522, if you don’t agree with the change. You should be defending your (and ours) point of view (since you say you don’t agree with the change), not Funcom’s.
It’s not paranoia at all, Jens and Tascha are here reading the comments and already said they will pass them to the devs, so yes they read it.

Edit: Sorry, this was to Megatron238, not Skynny


i will be very happy to know they plan to revert that to the way it was. (do hope its not wishful thinking)


thank you!


Is there a secret handshake or a club song I should be singing too, to demonstrate my solidarity with your cause? It’s a game, the developers made a change that no one likes, moving along.

And by the way, they’ve already stated that they know this isn’t popular and they’re discussing “options”, whatever that may amount to.


Not my cause, OUR cause.


Good grief. I’m done.




@Tascha Please do not treat the community like they are idiots, call it what it is, a spaghetti code collateral that came with the patch and put it on your neverending bug list, with the emphasis on ‘your’, because ‘we’ still do not have one. Sorry for the negativity and the sting, but it’s not unwarranted. You are unable to fix many things reported by the community and yet you would be making this “fix/change” for the sake of what exactly? Common…


Makes good sense to me.

I think this part was added because PvE players wanted to opportunity to free up land claims that were no longer being used.


Except that at level 20, you can’t actually use much of the high end materials you’d loot. Yay, I get a ton of star metal… that I can’t use for 40 levels.

My group played PVE-Fast for the entire early access period. Double XP and harvest, two week decay. Other than non decaying placeables and freely lootable stations, it was a building paradise. We made whole cities.

And then after launch, they turned PVE into such a grind fest that now, my clan is basically down to me and one who sometimes joins.

If they keep whittling away at PVE, they’re going to lose me too.


are you unable to click on a link because it was already provided dozen of time : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2p8cu72e128R_8aeyexPSQ

and now there is unlimeted stamina glitch; so can pvp with unlimited stamina, good game if you like that.


Sigh… You play SP… Ofc it does…


i personally wish you’d reset the code to pre halloween event and rethink whatever your intentions were with/for post halloween updates.


Nope, that would bug the wells again. They just need to revert this lootbag change.


I also play online.
As I see it, if one cannot loot a corpse, then the building should not be lootable either.


A lot more going on than a lootbag issue… which i don’t really care about…


Yes sure, it makes so much sense that it was on the top of their list… So much even they forgot to put it in the patch notes and so much even that the community managers did not know about it… sure…


Good old bug is coming back: flying over foundation, pls fix it