PC Post-Halloween Patch (07.11.2018)

@Tascha any news about the hotfix to fix the lootbags from decaying bases?

“We know the Night of Lost Souls event hasn’t been everyone’s cup of tea and we’re taking several lessons away from the feedback we’ve gotten this past week”

Well i suggest that the first lesson should be that obstructing vision is not a matter of taste (a cup of tea) but a matter of downgrading the functionality of the game so much that new players have no clue where they are for 7days…

I have to agree that designing it in such a way it required an update to remove it was… counter productive. Would’ve been much better in every way to have the event controlled by the server only, including when to start it and when to end it.

Would have allowed those servers who didn’t want it to disable it, too. Hopefully any future events (if they happen) will be less “baked-in” than this one was. Don’t get me wrong: an update to enable the event is okay, since it might well include a bunch of new assets and whatnot, but disabling it… shouldn’t really need one. Easier said than done, of course.

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@Jens_Erik Game optimization has improved a bit, but the game still stutters when NPCs and camps are being loaded. If you refine this yet it will not be a mistake thank you

Actually, no, when it comes to the PC patches, it goes through Steam, meaning it goes through Valve’s certification process, if they have one.

I kind of agree with you here with your sentiment. The consoles do always lack behind. We do know there is a validation process to go through, but…

When it comes to last minute patches or urgent fixes, the console delay is unavoidable unfortunately, either learn to deal with it or buy a PC.

However, when it comes to planned events such as this, Funcom should be thinking and planning ahead more. They knew when the event was due to end, they set the timescale, so I feel Funcom can’t use the Sony/MS validation process as the excuse for the delay because they should have been prepared for the end of the event by submitting the new code to Sony/MS ahead of time to meet the end of the event.

IMO, this is evidence of the fire fighting process Funcom have got themselves into by constantly needing to chase the bugs in real time.

We can only hope that in the future, the game will become more stable with less firefighting so that these events can be planned and rolled out in a fashion that every platform can be updated together at the end of a planned event.

They had mentioned that they originally intended to have it so the event could be disabled on the client side so that people who were having issues with it could turn it off (and allow private server admins to turn it off completely from the server side) but that didn’t happen due to time constraints.

Going forward, this is something they really need to invest in doing, if they want to have future events. That would mean that events could be enabled and then disabled at specific times (without requiring a subsequent “de-patch” to end the event) and it would give admins the power to control them, including preventing them outright, shortening or even lengthening them.

All said, however, right now I think they have more enough real issues on their plate that they need to address before they even consider doing another seasonal event.

Lootbags from PvE bases are not supposed to be looted by other players besides the original owners. On PvE servers that is :slight_smile:
So it is working as intended. We changed that recently.

Also to clarify: Steam/Valve does not have a certification process. That is the reason it is much easier and faster for us to patch on PC. We definitely don’t favor one of our platforms or player base over the other. We do have to go through Certification on both Xbox and PS4. Generally we can plan for this but we have to make sure we have a slot at Microsoft and Sony for the Cert and then the Certification check per se also takes time.

With that said, we found some issues with the xbox and ps4 patch that we needed to address which led to a delay. For that I apologize.

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I don’t recall that being in any patch notes, and that’s a significant change. I know some folks that I’ve played with on PvE-C that made it their personal mission in life to find abandoned bases and loot them before they completely decayed. It was a kind of “game within the game” sort of thing for them.

I’d expect there to be a lot of wailing and gnashing of teeth over this one.


I agree with this. Looting decayed buildings has been possible since i started playing just after launch. What else is the use of the 24 hour decayed timer?

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This is a major change that i have not seen posted anywhere. Also its one of the reasons i keep exploring the map to find out hidden new en lost bases. I would be really sad to see this go.


Personally, I’ve always thought it was kind of cool that if I left the server I was on, that someone else who found my abandoned base would be able to “inherit” some of the stuff I’ve accumulated (rarer thralls, expensive mats, etc.) that obviously I no longer have any need for since I’m not playing there any longer.

Now, it all just goes into /dev/null … although maybe this is their way of also trying to clean up the database, so people can’t “carry forward” another person’s accumulated stuff (and let’s be honest, that makes some sense because PvE players tend to be big-time hoarders)

I would just say don’t mess with global lighting on a 24/7 basis. If the lights had only changed for a few minutes before the storms and after they faded, it would have been much less obnoxious.


Yeah. It has most definately not changed on Xbox PVE- I knocked down and looted an abandoned base just this week. Can’t loot dead thralls, haven’t been able to for a while, but not only can we loot abandoned bases, you can individually break down a door and break chests/stations without knocking the entire base down.

RIght now, we are the only OG big clan left on our server. The second oldest left the week before the Halloween event and they clued us in that they were quitting; I had to build a very large storehouse to hold everything we got from them.

Also I have noticed that Funcom never, ever lists changes they know will be unpopular in any patch notes. When was the last time you read about a weapon/armor nerf in their notes?


Changing the loot bag access from decayed bases for pve and pve-c rulesets is a major change in game mechanics for those rule sets and should have been in the patch notes.

It’s caused a lot of confusion and unnecessary bug reports … even Jens has posted in this thread that it was a bug that we could no longer loot bags from decayed bases we don’t own.

And honestly I do not understand why Funcom considers that the PvP server rules should permit accessing another players loot bags when they come across them from a decayed base or after selecting demolish if pve/pve-c can not. Surely it should be the same rules across all, with PvP only able to access loot bags dropped by destroying the object during raid hours through damage or stealing from unlocked containers or from player corpses.

PS: not everyone is a vulture … I’ve rescued thralls and items from decayed structures and given them back to their owners when I next saw them.


Well, until yesterday’s patch we could loot lootbags from decayed PVE bases, so you changed it yesterday without posting it in the patch notes. I wonder why.
I also think you should leave it as it was, people had a reason to go around the map.


I’ll have to agree that loot bags only being opened by the owners is not a good change… It was kinda nice to travel around to decayed bases and grab some swag. If this applies to more than just decayed bases, then there goes any chance of donations on those servers, since the chests can’t be unlocked to give stuff away. It was always nice to give or receive armor, weapons or tools from party members not in the guild.


Another change that doesnt help with nothing but the opposite, you keep limiting the game in a sense that will become so boring that we won’t be able to access nothing more.

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I firmly believe Funcom has an inherant bias against PVE players. We get reduced XP/gathering on official servers, we don’t get XP events, things like that. There is literally zero reason to limit us from looting decayed bases. None. In fact, it means less incentive to go out wandering for us old folks who have seen it all already. Why should I go base checking when I know I can’t get anything out of it?