PC Post-Halloween Patch (07.11.2018)

Jens said yesterday it was a bug, so I really really hope that @Tascha is wrong on this one and Jens is right and that Tascha just doesn’t know it is a bug. Otherwise this is a ridiculous change.


Agree 100%. Thinking about moving on too, guess I’ve had enough. No purges now this. A level 60 has almost nothing to do in the game anymore.

For some reason after the post Halloween patch on crafting tables if you have a thrall that knows recipes it only shows one row at a time for the thrall recipes. I’ve seen it on armor benches and blacksmith tables.

Also on Official PvE server #1502 and my meter went from about halfway to zero over a month ago and has been there ever since, nothing I do causes it to move at all.

Oh man, another hugely unpopular word-of-God decision added to the game, without mention in patch notes or anywhere, and only once people post bug reports do we get (confused) answers about it being intentional?

And this time it’s not just an unexplained aspect of a new feature, it’s a complete 180 on something that’s been in-game (and was not categorized as a bug) for what? A year? More?

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We were indeed informed yesterday that it was an intended change and it has been patched out to PC.
After reviewing how the other similar objects worked (thralls, player corpses) it was concluded that the rule should be equivalent for bases too.

For example:
if you destroy a container you would not be able to access on a PVE server you also cannot access the resulting lootbag.

This is still working as before on consoles because it was part of the recent PC Patch to remove the Halloween event.

I have however noted your feedback down and will make sure to get it back to the team.

I can totally see where this impression is coming from in this discussion but let me assure you that is absolutely not the case :slight_smile:

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Understand please also Tascha, that making such change, and this without notice, any information is just a bad thing.

The descision is one, no mention at all of it is an other. Of course people get upset when they realise. At first we’re stuned, then try again, test, ask other players. All that to realise after reeding througs forum and discord servers that the change was “maybe” intended.

You ask yourself for feedback, and you are happy if you get it. It’s the same for players. Getting patches, without mention of what has all has been changed, is just not cool, and of course people will react like often.

Believe me, I understand :face_with_head_bandage:

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Yeah I have to say, my main gripe is the way it was done. I mean personally I’d prefer it stay the way it was, since on my server we generally look out for each other and rescue whatever belongings we can for anyone unfortunate enough to have their stuff decay (people can be absent for 7 days without wanting to give up the game entirely).

But I suppose I can see the argument for changing it (just because I don’t agree doesn’t mean I can’t see the reasoning).

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Then quite frankly the ability to demolish a decayed structure that you do not own on ALL rulesets should be removed from the interface.

Why should PvP be able to loot through a button click outside of raid time and without destroying the item via explosives, trebuchet etc
… they are entitled to loot items they don’t own IF the container is unlocked at any time or if destroyed in raid time … now it’s unbalanced between the modes that they get to loot decayed structures through demolish function and PvE/PvE-c can demolish as well but not loot.

Now the ability to demolish a structure that you do not own on PvE and PvE-c servers serves no purpose other than to grief someone who is late logging into to renew their base timer … it should have been deactivated at the same time as the change in ability to loot the bags that spawn.

A poorly thought out change and dreadful implementation.

And I’m with Mikey on this one … people do look out for each other on the PvE and PvE-c servers.
One player on our server accidentally restarted his character … he was solo … so lost access to all his bases and thralls … all he could do was watch and wait until his base decayed to loot it…no one else on the server touched his stuff. Another clan invited him to theirs to access all their accumulated goods to help him rebuild.
Your change will prevent future players who make a similar mistake from recovering as much as they can.

We have asked Gportal to change this server setting back to how it was before and we will continue to follow the community discussions to see if anything changes. We don’t think this is the main reason for Purges not working as intended.

I agree, it’s a bad hiccup, but we will fix it.

Woops! Changed it!

The dev team reviewed how similar objects worked on PvE servers (thralls, chests, player corpses, etc) and concluded that this rule should be equivalent for decayed/destroyed bases as well. It’s clear that this isn’t necessarily a welcome change for the community and we make sure to communicate this feedback back to the team.

No, I was misinformed about this change and didn’t know it was going out in this patch.

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What under meshing exploit? the trap doors one? bc they did patch a hole in a cave

It’s not just this one. But one thing that needs to change for sure: EVERY change needs to be in the patch notes, no matter how small or unpopular. Otherwise, the devs create the impression that they’re sneaking things in on us, which means they know we won’t like the change but they do it anyway.


As of late yesterday evening on an official pve-c PC, we could still access loot bags from freshly demolished bases… Is the “lack of looting” (awful change btw) not rolled out on all official pve-c servers?

No, they all have the same build. Were you using quick-loot or hitting E to open the bags?

I was hitting E - another player was also looting the decayed structure. no idea what they hit.

Which server was this?

  1. We had a LOT of server crashes the day of the patch. Might be related.

Thank you! :slight_smile: This has to do with the ownership settings on the server. PvE-C has “Anyone can loot player corpses” turned on, which is turned off on PvE, so loot bags should be fair game there.

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@Jens_Erik Is there any eta yet on a patch for those of us who can’t craft anything in any workbench? I can understand why not being able to craft the flawless stuff would not need a super fast fix but there are many of us who can craft nothing at all since the last patch so we are unable to play at all after 2 days since the patch.