[PC] Private Dedicated Server - No one can connect because my IPv4 is DSLite

Not expecting anyone to really be able to help. I post this more to bring awareness to this problem to funcom. Since the server only listens on the IPv4 stack it becomes more and more unusable for players like me who’s ISP switched from real IPv4 Addresses to DSLite. DSLite does NOT allow for port forwarding, hence your server is not reachable from the outside unless you use connection impairing tunnel methods.

The clean and correct solution to this problem would be to enable the server to use the IPv6 stack. There are in depth guides for coders openly available in the internet on how to do it. So pls just invest the hours to implement and test this and don’t forget to make it a standart for the dedicated servers of any future game.

ISPs are less and less willing to support all angles of the IPv4 world so you have no choice either way.

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