PC - Purge bug - T3 Reinforced Stone

I don’t have a purge, It was probably on the basis of mine I was my neighbor base.
I am in PVE-CO
*) bug 1. Why they destroy my base? I did not receive any warning.
*) bug 2. werehyena destroy T3 Reinforced Stone Wall in 10 seconds, WTF? Same time as my t1 Sandstone Wall.
*) bug 3. The purge start with werehyena, they destroy my base. Aftar that come only hyena. The purge start with the best monster?
*) bug 4. I lost a lot of items, I lost a lot of Steel Reinforcement. I kill all werehyena, but they did not give my items back, the loot from my base disappeared. In pvp or any other game, when someone clothes something of mine and I kill him I take everything back.
*) bug 5. My purge meter was full, why they attack my base?
*) I lost three tier 4 Thrall bacause of this bug. In the ark once I lost 3 gig that I was breeding and I told them that I would detonate the game and stop playing if they did not give me back, they rewarded me and I ended up playing ark 3000 hours. I lost 163 hours of my game because of that, you guys are going to do something or I’m giving up the game like most of the players are doing.
I wanted to create a ticket in support as I do like any game or software I buy. Stay 30min reading your site and I have not figured out how to create a ticket. Forum not used to create bug ticket. This is a public chat.

I asume, that you are playing on an official Server, so based on the location of your base, the purge will spawn different types of enemies (starter area with easier enemies up to the north, where the strongest enemies will attack your base).

It would be interesting to know, where the attacked base was.

The purge will destroy your stuff, not “loot” it. So if for example a chest is destroyed by the purge, your stuff is gone and you will not get it back from the killed enemies.

While the purges I have defeated it was mostly at one of the last waves, that a “boss” encountered, but sometimes the first wave was harder then the others.

If your purge meter is full, not you will be attacked, rather one of your bases will be the target!

From my perspectiv, the purge worked as it was designed for.

Hi there,

I have moved this thread to the PC Updates and Bug Reports topic for more visibility on the issue.

My base is between The Ruin and Executioners Entrance.
I play on official.
I purge meter was not full.
The main bug in my opinion is: How a Werehyena estroyed T3 Reinforced Stone Wall in 10 seconds? Same time as my t1 Sandstone Wall.
I watched several videos of purge, never saw a purge in the location where my base is, T3 constructions being destroyed. Constructions T1 and T2 without problems, but T3?

Try to set the minimum online players to 1 in your purge. That worked for me regarding getting it to start.

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