[PC][PVE Confict][EU] ❚ Arrestia PVE-C ❚ Offical Ruleset ❚ Weekend allways PVP ❚

HI and welcome to our Server.

Our server is called Arrestia

direct IP :

We are a small team how are tired of lagging official Servers, Botting and Cheating Clans.
This was our motivation to realize this server. We are small, and have a familiar atmosphere.

We are open to all new players and newbie friendly.

Roleplay is OK, but not needed, this we shift in future if there more players because we are comunitydriven.

We made an open server with official ruleset.
We are new, so freshly wipe so to say.
Our PVP Rules are PVP from Monday till Thrusday from 16 till 23 CET and weekend PVP all time

There will be Events like Arena fights and other stuff. This is a possibility to earn some Sipthastuff

You can Yoin our Discord as a savehaven to talk with us or your freinds and clanmembers

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