[PC][pve-conflict] no bld dmg. 10x build time

Intended for a slow well planned leveling. Multiple benches required due to the slow building multiplier. Resource gathering is 2x. Plan is to build a decent quest system to compliment the main game. Two software developers looking for a community. Join for the game stay for the people. World pvp is allowed. No building dmg.

Exiles Land
No password.
Pippi for management. Possible AOC add on at a later date.

Discord: https://discord.gg/WckvycF

Isles of Siptah no bad drop as well.

Ashes of the Phoenix is the name of the server. Bump.

Isle of siptah server will be added shortly. Latest midnight tonight. Join the community.

Isles of Siptah server up and running.