PC PVE Eternal Divinity

Server Name: Eternal Divinity PVE-AOC-EEWA
Server IP:
Player Slots: 20
Server Location: America

About Us :wave:

Eternal Divinity is an Exiled Lands server for experienced or new players looking for a real challenge!
Not for the faint of heart!
We just did a fresh wipe of the server and added all new content. We have a new market and even a player market where you can sell your own goods. A new Arena has been added, quest lines, and more!

Eternal Divinity Admins have tons of experience in this game and we wanted to make a challenging and enjoyable server that will make your gaming experience last! Build your character just how you want and challenge yourself to our custom content!

We hope to see you soon :crossed_swords:

*Server is 18+
Eternal Divinity has added several mods to customize and enhance the server.

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