[PC-PVE] [NA] LOST EMPIRE recruiting builders and explorers DOUBLE XP/Harvest Weekend


Server rates are default


Heya Ever.
It’s definitely an “-ish”. Parental sets are about right. We just don’t get the jokes of the young crowd anymore. :slight_smile: I’ve got 2 kids as well, so we game around those needs. Come on by!


Original edited for a fresh Discord invitation.


Hey thanks! Sorry I haven’t checked it out yet. There was an earlier response from someone else and I checked out an RP/PvP server. It was pretty cool, but I think they didn’t understand I wanted PvE…just never been big into the PvP scene. I might be coming your way tonight. No mods on your server?


Heya. Just paying a reply. We saw you in game already. Thanks for coming by! Also put in a fresh Discord invite.




Do you have a fresh discord invite? I joined today.


Fresh invite for you! :slight_smile:


Lost Empire is still doing well! Updated for a fresh Discord invite today 7/6/18


Would you be so kind to post a new discord invite? :slight_smile: Thanks!


Hi Phoenix! Thanks for your request! Here’s a fresh discord invite for you!


Lost Empire is still building and adventuring with 8-12 regular players in USA-ET primetime. We invite you to join us and see what we’re about! Original message revised for a current Discord link.

Lost Empire Discord: https://discord.gg/3aRqXk


Fresh invite posted today and new events planned! Come play on Lost Empire!

Discord Invite: https://discord.gg/q8ZZ2H


Come, Play, Grow… maybe die a bit too… :joy: A great group of guys and gals… love playing on this server… Day one and I lubs these guys and gals… Spiders not so much… Adult hard working group of peeps…


Edited for fresh discord invite and event date

Discord: https://discord.gg/NxqH6r


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Here is funny 36 dad player i have kids and wife so i need to escape in Conan exiles haha… im from Finland so timezone might be issue maybe? If u want good player nd temworker add me on Steam colt24fin… i have played this game solo to lvl40 and even killed 2 bosses on my own but now id love to play with friends


Hi Slick! You’re welcome to join us! Hopefully the ping and timezones won’t be a barrier! Come on over!


discord link is old cant use it… Ping is not gonna be an issue 1000mb inet :slight_smile:


A fresh invite! https://discord.gg/kx3XY6