[PC-PVE] [NA] LOST EMPIRE recruiting builders and explorers


Our 20-slot server community is looking for fellow builders and adventurers. We are a community of older (40-ish) players focus on building and boss hunting. We are very active and friendly! A few of our founders have moved on from Exiles, so we are seeking new friends to join our community.
Come test drive our server today!

Direct connection

Join our Discord https://discord.gg/3aRqXk
(fresh Discord Invite: 7/13/18)

[PC-PVE] [BR] LFG - New player
[PC] LFG- New player

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I’m a new player, but casual due to family life. Are you welcoming casuals? If so I’d like to come test out the server tonight or tomorrow night.

EDIT: I’m 37 and have kids, so I’m close to the same age range I’m assuming.


What are server rates?


Yes we accept casual, decay is set to 15 days so you can come and go as needed


Server rates are default


Heya Ever.
It’s definitely an “-ish”. Parental sets are about right. We just don’t get the jokes of the young crowd anymore. :slight_smile: I’ve got 2 kids as well, so we game around those needs. Come on by!


Original edited for a fresh Discord invitation.


Hey thanks! Sorry I haven’t checked it out yet. There was an earlier response from someone else and I checked out an RP/PvP server. It was pretty cool, but I think they didn’t understand I wanted PvE…just never been big into the PvP scene. I might be coming your way tonight. No mods on your server?


Heya. Just paying a reply. We saw you in game already. Thanks for coming by! Also put in a fresh Discord invite.




Do you have a fresh discord invite? I joined today.


Fresh invite for you! :slight_smile:


Lost Empire is still doing well! Updated for a fresh Discord invite today 7/6/18


Would you be so kind to post a new discord invite? :slight_smile: Thanks!


Hi Phoenix! Thanks for your request! Here’s a fresh discord invite for you!


Lost Empire is still building and adventuring with 8-12 regular players in USA-ET primetime. We invite you to join us and see what we’re about! Original message revised for a current Discord link.

Lost Empire Discord: https://discord.gg/3aRqXk