[PC-PVE] [NA] LOST EMPIRE recruiting builders and explorers


Would you be so kind to post a new discord invite? :slight_smile: Thanks!


Hi Phoenix! Thanks for your request! Here’s a fresh discord invite for you!


Lost Empire is still building and adventuring with 8-12 regular players in USA-ET primetime. We invite you to join us and see what we’re about! Original message revised for a current Discord link.

Lost Empire Discord: https://discord.gg/3aRqXk


Fresh invite posted today and new events planned! Come play on Lost Empire!

Discord Invite: https://discord.gg/q8ZZ2H


Come, Play, Grow… maybe die a bit too… :joy: A great group of guys and gals… love playing on this server… Day one and I lubs these guys and gals… Spiders not so much… Adult hard working group of peeps…


Edited for fresh discord invite and event date

Discord: https://discord.gg/NxqH6r


Edited for event promotion and fresh discord


Here is funny 36 dad player i have kids and wife so i need to escape in Conan exiles haha… im from Finland so timezone might be issue maybe? If u want good player nd temworker add me on Steam colt24fin… i have played this game solo to lvl40 and even killed 2 bosses on my own but now id love to play with friends


Hi Slick! You’re welcome to join us! Hopefully the ping and timezones won’t be a barrier! Come on over!


discord link is old cant use it… Ping is not gonna be an issue 1000mb inet :slight_smile:


A fresh invite! https://discord.gg/kx3XY6


Seems like a nice group so far hope you still have space, is the purge enabled?


Hi Spazmatic. We still have space. :slight_smile: We have purge enabled and at a tougher difficulty. Its not a perfect experience as there are still a number of oddities with the system. That said, if you call out in Global, a number of us will rally to help out. It’s sort of like a block party. :slight_smile:

Discord Invite: https://discord.gg/GqRkhD


Hello thanks for the response! sadly it seems the invite Expired.


Updated post with fresh Discord and benefits

Discord Invite: https://discord.gg/HUbzfs


Bump Bump, Still looking for people to join. We have added the Pippi Mod to the server to add more content.
Check it out and see if it will be a server for you to grow with the community.
We have a great core group, Admin is always available to help if needed. Low build space, you can literally build next to each other. Have a small community inside the game.
Come have fun with Quests and added battle arenas.
Again this server has the Pippi Mod installed. We have a discord as well.
Fresh Discord Link Below


Hello, would like to try this server as it seems to match for what I am looking for. I tried joining and said my authentication was invalid so am assuming I require a pw or something. Thanks!


negative, there is no pw for the server. Make sure you install the Pippi Mod first maybe?


I had the mod but didn’t have enabled >.< All working now. Thanks for the quick reply.


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