[PC][PVP][EU]Project Valkyrie - Fresh Server 20.05. - 3x XP & 3x Harvesting - Evening Raiding Hours

German / English Community looking for more players!

Raiding hours are from 7pm (GMT+2) until 10pm on weekdays and from 7pm until midnight on the weekend.

Clans are capped at 6.

Currently 40 server slots but if the demand is higher we might upgrade.

Server IP:

Discord Server: https://discord.gg/Za557rk

Push. Still looking for more people :cowboy_hat_face:

Good stable Server with a good connection/low ping, no lag in combat :smiley: .
Verry friendly admins who also play on this server and they don’t abuse there powers as admin .
The community is growing slowly, most good base spots are still open, but we as the community are looking for more. Feel free to tryout this server and may we see us ingame.
Thanks admins for the good work keeping this server better than the others.