[PC] [PvP] [Raid] Desciples Of War - New (Welcome package. LF Ingame support staffs.)

Hello there all Exiles. My name is Illu and i’ve had enough of most of the official servers where there isent a single administrator nor moderator handeling the ingame issues, therefor I am now opening a server the 19th of this month a server for PvP / rading aspects, i will try to lay it out for you guys to have a more open view of how its going to be handled.

Resource - EXP - Crafting and all other rates: Standard, no change.

PvP - Building damage time: Between 17:00 - 23:00 Central European Time (CET), time can be changed in time depending on players most standard playtime.

Zero tolerance: Exploiting, Hacking, 3rd party software usage.

Administrator layout: Admins will be defined by eventually 3 ranks. 1: Administrator, Moderators, Support. Each one with different functions to prevent harrasment in any kind, exploiting and or hacking.

Discord: Support in discord, once available/gotten it will have 24/7 support, i will even handle support my self to give as much and comfertable support as possible. Discord server code “discord.gg/Dn5XDgV”

Admin usage: Admins will “NOT” be allowed to use admin menu for any kind of PvP or unfair advantage if so happens they will be kicked out from the administator team, and those afflicted by the issue will be giving back Resources/items lost by abusive admins.

Specifications of admin menu advantage. They will not be allowed to use it for, EXP/Level, Resources, unlimited stuff, raiding, pvp, or anything in that matter then pure handeling server related issues.

Clan information: Clan will be maxed with 5 members in each clan at first. “Max 5 clan members” once a stable playerbase been coming regulary in to the server there will be increase of max clan members in one clan.

Playerbase information: The server will start with 30 slots at first due to seeing how many that will be interested in the idea of having a ideal server like this open, after that the decision about getting more slots to the server will be made.

In-progress stuff: These are the stuff that is currently in progress. Discord server, Administator system config, and a few more. Discord will eventually have a own Place for each clan, no "intrigation between server and discord, but own made discord channels for each clan “if” they would like a channel.

Only MOD: Pippi.

I want to get full experiance out of the game within the PvP aspects and therefor try to maintain a stabel Community for the server as much as possible. I belive i put out as much information as possible for all of you guys/Girls to read, once the discord server has been created I will edit this post with the discord servers hyperlink. IF you guys/Girls do approve of this idea and is interested in trying it out when it launches give this post a reply with either approved or a simple + sign. Much appreciated of you all to check this out, and sorry for the short notice of the idea thats coming.

Much love Illu


I approve and I can’t wait to check this new place out.

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Much appreciated for the approved idea, and its near :slight_smile:

Server has officially launched with 10 slots untill the 20th/21th of this month and will the be upgraded to 30 slots! Feel free to join at any time!


Yours Illu!

Tomarrow or on tuseday i Will be opening spots as supporters and upgrading server slots to 30 slots. And as its grand opening, Ive decided to give a little boost in The start. If your new you will also recive (food = 25/50), (sealed waterskin = 1/2), maby x1 Iron tools, Inc daggers, sword, so welcome in on The upgrade! :fearful::grinning::grin:

Today is The upgrading! Welcome gifts will be starting at 16:30 - 17:00 and end at The last of this month. Everyone is welcome! Still looking for support staff.

Looks cool, might check out this server :slight_smile:

Your more then welcome. The server is currently open with 10 slots, and is getting uppgraded today :slight_smile: Welcome gifts has already been added, stay tuned :slight_smile:

If The whole community likes The idea of possible PvP event where an NPC is hidden with stuff you might want to buy or not. But When others seek for the unique NPC at hinted location broadcasted in global chat. Just to spice up the surrounding interraction.

Still looking for Ingame support for known issues and easy solution, If sutch happen. And be one of the idea.

We are welcomeing new players with 24+1 levels, 25 roasted haunch, Iron pickaxe, Iron Sword, Iron hatchet. Just to give a kickstart for a limited time. Will end in 7-10 days, welcome in everyone :slight_smile:

this all sounds great, looking forward to a great experience.
i want to thank you in advance for your time and effort.

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You are very much welcome! We also do have discord, that we use for the server. Everyone is welcome, at recieves the kickstart bonus with /kit welcome. Then you recieve 24 level plus 1 so level 25. 25 roasted hunch, iron pickaxe, hatchet, Broad sword, and sealed water skin. Just to have a good begining :slight_smile: