[PC] [PVP] [RP] STARSIDER! Redesigned, Boosted Server Looking To Grow

Renewed by fans, Starsider is a redesigned roleplay (RP) friendly PVP server. Server is hosted by GTXgaming and tickrate is maxed out at 60 server FPS (that’s a good thing). Server is an American US East server. Friendly admins that only operate in a strict professional capacity. Server rules are established and strictly enforced. Offline raiding is forbidden and various areas have been designated as no raid zones. Public map rooms are built near obelisks as well! The server is a blank cavass for anyone wanting to create and share their story in an RP format! RP is not required, but all players will treat those that do RP with respect. Discord: https://discord.gg/WQyD9WY

Server Settings:
Items drop on death
Anyone can loot corpse
Harvest: 5X
XP: 10X
Thrall Conversion: Sped up to 0.3
Crafting Speed: Sped up to 0.3
Thirst/Hunger: Slowed down to 0.3
Food spoilage/fuel burn: slowed down to 0.5 and 1.5
Respawn increased to 2.0
Max clan size: 6
PVP 24/7
Restricted Raid time: weekday 1600-2200 weekend 1200-2300 EST