(PC) PVP US Central Vanilla Clan LFM

As most people are receiving the same event that players are fizzing out. I am trying to gather a group of members together that enjoy playing this game. I already have a pretty badass setup on a base. All T3 in Highland. If you’re interesting in playing let me know.

I would be interested playing offical server I assume?

Maybe try a hosted server? the official Servers are all quite,… strange :smiley:

Our server is gonna be revived this weekend, 70Server, extreamly high performance (owner spent a few hundred bucks on better hardwear ect) just need some players now that dont run when getting raided the first time :laughing:
maybe check us out? Here is the IP:
Love to hear from you if u have any questions :slight_smile:

Same to you, Turtlehippoh :wink:

Hello there, add me on discord Pinejon#9671