[PC] Relaxed PvP and Raiding – Lamentation Lands EU PVP Server [No Horse PvP, 3x EXP, 3x Harv, 4 Clan Limit]

“To crush your enemies, to see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their women!”

Lamentation Lands is a fresh, relaxed EU PvP server for barbarians that do not want to raid and pillage every day of the week or get ganged up on by ten players at once.

Check us out using the Discord invite below!

Map: Exiled Lands
Max clan size: 4
Server FPS: 60
Server location: Warsaw, Poland
Exp rate: 3x
Harvest rate: 3x
Crafting time: 0.2
Thrall conversion time: 0.2
Fighter thrall limit: 10
No horse PvP
Raid times: Fri-Sat 18:00-20:00 Warsaw time

Discord invite code: 6D7R64TCUX