👹 PC - **Relaxed PVP** (PVE with a sprinkling of PVP) 2XP, 2X Stamina, Chill admins, Raid Times built around having a life! Perfect for chill players with professional jobs!

Server Info:
The Wheel of Minor Discomfort

The Wheel of Minor Discomfort is a PVP server for chill well rounded exiles. We created the server to help solve the pervasive Mega Alpha clan problem on the official servers. We limit our clan size to 4 people. We also adjusted the raid window to be more reasonable for players with jobs and families / lives. There is only one rule on Minor Discomfort!

Don’t be a Dick.
Seriously that is it. Don’t do things like raid new clans or solo players repeatedly until they quit. Don’t spam foundations. Don’t be a c**t when trash talking. Things like that. Other than that raiding is fine. If it wasn’t we would have created a PVE server. Clan wars can be fun. Trash talking is fine. All that is cool if the sides are close to equal.
Server Settings:
• 4 Person Clan Limit
• 2XP
• 2 x Stamina
• Raid times:
o Weekdays 8:30pm-11:30pm EST
o Weekends 6pm-12am EST

Other Info:
• Server Currently has 20 slots.
o We have no problem upgrading to 70 if need be! We like friends and hated having to wait to connect on official servers!
• Prepaid for a year.
• Discord Channel
o discord.gg/kT5mw98
o We will create clan channels if asked.
• Admins are fairly hands off. The highest level in Conan isn’t ADMIN. We don’t use our powers to make us the alpha clan, so we won’t use our power to make you the alpha either. We are fine with using our power to help new players out, or for fixing bugs etc… If you decide to be a dick, we will enjoy using our powers to smit you.