[PC] Request: Fix proper TAB and focus handling in Direct Connect window

Game mode: Online - Local dedicated PC Server
Problem: Misc - Quality of Life Issue
Region: South America

I’m running a local dedicated server in one of my PC with -nosteam specified as an option, so server is not listed in favorites/nor lan, and only way to connect is by using the Direct connect option.

I’d like an option to launch the game and force it to connect to the local server and NOT having to type in the information every time I launch it.

Best way to do this, I’ve found… is to use the command line option +connect : +pasword “pwd” that doesn’t seem to be working atm.

Second best would be using a password typing program, one of those that store your credentials and lets define complex passwords for them… and then provide a function to auto type them.

But, the moment, the Direct Connect window doesn’t handle proper focus sequence when you press TAB and even clicking on one of the input boxes is not guarantee that the window will accept input.

So you are kinda forced to type the address every single time I want to launch the game and connect to my local server…

I’d like to either the command line parameters to work… or the proper focus handling in the direct connect window to be fixed!

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Launch the game and wait until you get to the main menu
  2. Select Play Online -> Direct Connect
  3. The window shown has no focus (pressing tab does nothing) and neither accept input because none of the input boxes are focused by default. Press TAB here… it does NOTHING.
  4. Click to select the Address input box and type something… Press TAB -> Focus disappears

What SHOULD happen is:

  1. Direct Window appear with the focus auto selected on the ADDRESS input box
  2. IF you press TAB while focus is on it, then focus is transferred to the PASSWORD input box.
  3. IF you press TAB while on the PASSWORD input box, then focus is transferred to the ACCEPT button.
  4. IF you press ENTER anytime, then the window is ACCEPTED with the input value is has
  5. *OPTIONAL: If would be awesome if the game would remember the LAST successful connection used and pre-load those values stored from some config file.