PC | RP-PVP Blackmoor Server | Hosted by the Iron Circle Gaming Community

Exiles, the time is close, and soon you will be adventuring out into the deadly wilderness to face wicked, monstrous foes and explore the forgotten reaches of an untamed land. As exiles, don’t forget that you are just as distinctive and dangerous as the lands you live in. Remember that this is not a world built for chivalrous knights, scholarly wizards, or noble quests. This is a time to adventure out into a world hidden in shadow in search of loot and glory, or a prize equally as worthy of your ambitions. The cruel cities and the deadly wilds have a thousand tales to tell, but they all begin with a character driven to attempt great things. Fortune favors the bold and makes quick work of cowards. Though most will die terrible deaths in far-off places, a few of you brave souls may make yourselves into princes… or even kings.


  • Application required - You must join our Discord before you are allowed to join our server.
  • This server is rated MATURE 18+.
  • We currently have 30 slots open. Will increase the number of available slots as server population demands.
  • Our server is based out of Dallas Texas - NA/EU players.
  • Blackmoor is hosted by the Iron Circle Gaming Community. Experienced leadership and server moderators will always be available.
  • Blackmoor is a new server, we are seeking two event game masters and one moderator. New roleplayers are welcome.
  • We currently use the Pippi and Conan Sexiles mods.
  • Text based roleplay, no voice communications allowed in game. We use Discord for OOC banter while playing.

Visit our website: www.ticguild
Join our discord: discord.gg/4JS5k4T